shortcut.jpg Since all of us were using desktop applications mostly than web applications till some years back. But now its time for web applications. All most all web application lacks keyboard shortcuts. All applications by google HQ have this support they know how much important are the keyboard shortcuts. Google reader next thread key “j” is very friendly for users. Here are some of keyboard shortcuts for google reader.

j next item
n item scan down
k previous item
m mark current thread as read / un read
shift+n next subscription
t tag item
v view original (will works only if the pop up enabled)
o expand / collapse
s star item

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Sanil S Founding member of MobMe Wireless Pvt Ltd, Ayruz Web Holdings

7 comments on “Keyboard shortcuts for Google Reader

  1. ansaf on said:

    Good good. Good work buddy.

  2. shoban on said:

    Thanks for the info.. I use Google reader a lot and this will be very helpful..

  3. Darrellff on said:

    thats it, dude

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  6. Zvezdochka on said:

    Where i can read about this

  7. Reader help is there check it out.

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