There was a time when students receive a certificate for attending all classes of an academic year. Gone are those days, the kids of 2013 are rewarded with high tech goodies which you can’t even imagine! A school in LosAngeles has awarded two graduating students with their own Chevy Sonics for obtaining perfect attendance.

Today  kids need more motivation as most of them feel that going to school is not at all worthy, they feel if they get a job, they can settle down in life more easily. Most of the kids doesn’t know much about the  importance of education, for them getting settled is the top-most priority.

Just imagine how surprised Vanessa was when Principal Ari Bennett announced that she would be  receiving an $18,000 Chevrolet Sonic as part of the a yearly attendance contest to encourage perfect attendance at Los Angeles Unified schools. Five elementary students  will receive iPads as winners in the district’s Attendance Challenge as well.

It will change the perception among kids, that is perfect attendance has its own privileges. Kids are even offered subway gift cards that offer free meals at Subway for appearing regularly to class every month. They are also offered passes to local aquariums as part of  this appreciation. All these  prizes are sponsored by local companies who look towards this as a form of advertising to attract future customers.

If more kids are there, there is less need for repetition of classes. Apart from that it will even generate more income for the schools. There are critics who claim that schools have shifted their focus to a money making business rather than imparting education. While L.A. chooses to offer prizes, schools in Texas favor electronic tagging to ensure that they don’t lose an alleged $175,000 a day in funding.

Schools are becoming more like a business atleast in America now. However you will definitely get moved by the words of Vanessa Umana, one of the two winners of the Sonics: “I felt like I was dreaming.” Yes she truly deserved it as she  gave real importance for education in her life when compared to her fellow school dropout friends.

School Kids

Students in the district of L.A have developed an urge in their minds for missing not even a single class. They know it well that if they do so then by the end of the year there is a great chance for them to win such attractive prizes which they can never imagine.

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