Leap Motion  is a stealth company  that specializes in developing motion control technology that is radically more powerful and also significantly less costly than existing technology.. You will be surprised when you see how the products manufactured by them change the perception of you about technology. The company specializes in making devices that changes the way you use technology. This company was formed on October 1, 2010, previously it was named OcuSpec. The initial fund invested in developing this company was $44.1M

The latest product developed by leap motion is a leap motion controller. This is a device that senses all your hand and finger movements and enables to do anything without touching anything. For example if you are using your computer it will sense all the natural movements, now you don’t have to click, tap or drag for an action. It’s been said that it’s the world’s most natural technology that might bring a great difference in the field of technology. Leap Motion hasn’t  launched this product yet, it’s expected to  ship these devices by May 13. The company has even announced  a collaboration with HP.

Embedding is a vital step for Leap Motion,which means the users can get easy access  toall of the company’s 3D motion control features without depending on a  peripheral. Leap Motion co-founder and CEO Michael Buckwald explained in an interview that the functionality of Leap, whether embedded or standalone, should be exactly the same when it does eventually arrive, although this partnership with HP, the first such arrangement with an OEM PC manufacturer, is still at a very early stage.The Leap Motion Controller senses your hand movements, you can point, wave, reach, and grab, pick something up or even put it down, just like the way you do in real life. It will definitely change the way you use your computer. The price of this device is just $79.99. The device is light, tiny ( just 3″ long) and looks stylish too. It takes up hardly any space on your desk, but you use all the space above it.

The company even offers a great platform for the developers to showcase their products. Once you sign up in the developer page, the company allows to spread your apps to a vast reach of audience. When you join the developer community, you’ll have everything you need to build amazing apps for Leap Motion. The company will provide you a  full SDK, simple submission guidelines, a complete library of resources, and full-on support from the  team. By taking part in the developer forums, you will even get inspiration to develop furthur.

Most of the Leap Motion apps are so unique and you have not seen anything like it before.


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