There is a new product that consumers are fond of at the moment. This is a new television experience that promises better viewing features. It’s sleek and stylish and yet more vibrant and colorful in the depth of its realistic picture quality. These are LED TVs that are slimline LCD panels facilitated with a flat screen with LED backlighting. This feature replaces the cold cathode or CCFL backlighting used erstwhile in LCD TVs. There are a few aspects of this range which adds to its advantage in the market especially when it comes to wooing customers and buyers with its looks. With this technology you can have a slimmer panel of the screen along with a low rate of power consumption. These are two aspects that work wonders when buyers are dealt with – space saving designs and less expensive in terms of recurring costs.

There are several other features that make LED TVs attractive buying options for consumers. Chiefly among these is a colorful and vibrant display of picture quality. There are higher contrast levels available which enables better viewing. The brighter display enhances clarity and real like images. You can avail three types of LED TVs which are available; there are screens that have a white edging around them. A specially designed diffusion panel is incorporated in the design too which helps to spread the light evenly behind the screen. The second type of this TV is a dynamic RGB LED which is present behind the screen of the panel. In the third category of TVs with this technology there is a range of LEDs available behind the screen. However the brightness of these can only be controlled in totality and not singly.

If you are still wondering about the different types of LED TVs just discussed then you may briefly understand that this difference arises from the difference in lighting techniques. In case of the Edge TVs there is a panel present all around the screen to produce a uniform lighting on the panel. This allows the screen to be extra thin as well.  In case of the RGB LED screens there is a gradual dimness seen in certain parts of the screen; thus there is a greater contrast visible when colors like white and black is shown in the pictures. The ratio of the dynamic contrast is higher which enables the picture to be brighter and more colorful.  The third variety is the full array LED TV which is also one of the most popular means used by manufacturing company. This allows lower consumption of power and a higher vibrancy of color coupled with contrast ratios.

Besides being extremely sleek and slim in looks LED V can bring home a picture clarity that is second to none. It has a lower rate of power consumption which is always emphasized by manufacturers and sellers of the product. It is environment friendly too which emits less heat upon long hours of usage.

They are definitely more expensive than other varieties but quality is always attached with a price tag.

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