This a true story of mine which depicts the pitfall buying Lenovo Laptop. I brought a Lenovo 3000N200 series Laptop one year back, exactly 21’st Feb 2008 from Dubai Shopping festival for Rs 35, 000. I was very satisfied with their product initially, as it is cost effective with good performance. But after 3 months of working my laptop charger burnt out. I called up the customer care (18004252666) asking for the replacement and they said because it is burnt, they can’t replace it. For me, living without laptop and internet is worst thing in my life. So I decided to purchase new charger and asked their price. It was surprising that the cost is around INR 6000. They said as the charger is burnt out it is my power problem not their fault. I am working at Technopark, around 160 companies are working inside Technopark umbrella. I am sure technopark authorities don’t give any compromise with their power circuitry. Okay let it be my power problem, then the first thing to be burnt should be the fuse of the charger. And the surprising thing is that the fuse was intact. They even forgetting the usefulness of fuse in the charger. For proof check this images.

Another incident of mine on 23’rd morning of February 2009 that is two day after my laptop warranty got expired my battery has some trouble. The problem is the battery is not charging and the laptop is working fine with power. Today also I called the customer care they said the warranty expired. I asked them for the price of the charger it was astonishing to hear the price, INR 8000. The funny thing is that the I can buy a Lenovo laptop with my current configuration for INR 32,000.
A friend of mine has got the same charger problem 2 months back also. I asked some of chip level servicing center here in Trivandrum they also said that “service of Lenovo laptops are very bad compared to others“. They are getting continuous inquiries regarding Lenovo chargers and battery.
Now I have a serious doubt, why Lenovo laptops are selling with less competitive price compared to other brands. I have realized that they are adopting service model with the product selling. Like automobile industry the business are more into the service. I believe the same service model is adopted by Lenovo. I doubt the the business model of Lenovo laptops is like below.
Deliver their product with competent price make customers more attractive thereby people will buy Lenovo products. For that they are compromising product quality. After sale they will heavily bill customers for their service for different parts that may get complaint due to their cheap quality. For a normal user if there is a problem with some parts like battery, charger or some other parts they are forced to purchase new part with this heavy cost as they are already invested a good amount of money with their laptop.
I came to realize now only that Lenovo products are useless after one year warranty period.
I believe Chinease Lenovo are even spoiling brand image of IBM. I still remember my friend using an IBM thinkpad for years without any problem. He did even use it as a pillow. That Laptop was very rugged, even then there was no problem with the laptop. But now Chinease company Lenovo is creating threat to IBM business also.
Now I have serious doubt about the quality of Lenovo products. As I have hands-own experience with Lenovo service I won’t advice you to buy Lenovo laptops if you are concerned about quality after 1 year. I have used several laptops in my life so far. I advised several people to buy Lenovo before as I was very satisfied initially.
I think Dell and HP have far better service and quality than Lenovo.

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Sanil S Founding member of MobMe Wireless Pvt Ltd, Ayruz Web Holdings

36 comments on “Lenovo Laptop Services:- It Should be a tragedy

  1. I too feel the quality of products used it Lenevo might be bad, that makes it cheaper.
    Do they have a provision of extending warranty? I recently extended my HP Laptop warranty by 2 years.

  2. Hello Nirmal,

    They don’t have such an option, that too add up, suspicious about the product quality.

  3. I don’t know much about the quality and service of the Lenovo laptops because recently only i have started using the same.As you said ,now its working properly since its the primary stages.I would be able to comment once i will be experienced with it

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  5. Lenovo is not a great laptop! AFAIK they are using the brand name of ibm so they call their laptops Lenovo thinkpads…

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  12. LeftyAce on said:

    I, for one, am very happy with the quality of my lenovo think pad. I had the sony battery die on me, and Lenovo overnighted me a replacement. Took 18 hours from the time I called to it arriving.

    You can extend the warranty up to 3 years beyond the 1 year default. The author doesn’t know what he’s talking about with the warranty extension.

  13. See my website,, for a few other bad Lenovo service examples.

  14. Lenovo are the single most worthless, cut-throat cheats amongst the laptop vendors. Absolute garbage. No wonder, they try to target the relatively ignorant masses and the third worlds to promote their farce-meat product with false claims and fraudulence. No goodwill, no conscience, no customer-care infrastructure systems, no nothing.

    Most products are made of horribly low grade materials, extremely poor quality components and ICs, etc. with poor continuity.

    I had a Lenovo300 G410 which I bought in March 2008. I was initially told by the lying cheats, that it came with a 1GB RAM capacity. I found out soon after buying it that it had a mere 512 MB RAM. Very slow, non-responsive, bad hardware compatibility. Merely 15 months into its usage(just 3 months out of warranty), the motherboard has broken down, there is no power, the machine simply won’t turn on anymore. I took it to one of their authorized service centers in Kolkata, India, where they charged me a lump sum for doing nothing. After few days they rang me up and informed me that I need to replace my entire motherboard and that there was no other cure for the problem, which I was sure they could have done without. They took the money but didn’t provide any service, or chip-level inspection/servicing at all. In addition to all this they told me that only if I were to extend the warranty by shedding another Rs. 4000 odd, would they provide any service. According to them that’s what they do in general.

    It is not as if this was an odd occurrence. If you care to visit any Lenovo servicing center near you, you’ll play witness to numerous such cases(and worse still).

    I suggest anyone out there to stay clear of this Lenovo stuff, if they want to conserve any money and not wish see it getting washed down a gutter listlessly. It will become a liability to you if anything goes wrong. Lenovo products are as crap as Chinese electronics stuff. I repeat, you will be left with no choice but to dump the contraption in a dumping yard and curse the b l o o d y parasites for causing you financial loss and mental stress.

  15. Sanil S on said:

    @PGC: Yeah you are right. Lenovo product are crappy…

  16. Parmar Chiragkumar Ashokbhai on said:

    In My Lenova Laptop Problem is

    My Laptop Numerical Keys are not work Properly. If I press 1 it write `1, when I press two there is help menu opened. if i pres 4 it write 54. Plz give me Solution of My problem.

  17. Le_no_more on said:

    whats so great about Lenovo’s machines and service. even getting a set from the school’s sales has no consideration from them. it malfunction after 2 weeks and have been in the workshop for 3 weeks now. delays and excuses wwere the answer after every call. even a hardly used machine and with mother board change need shipment from China. a big establishment but not so big in good service.

    never a Lenovo for me…no thanks.

  18. my computer shows everything in chinese bluetooh not working wireless not working helppppppppppppppppppppppp !!!! hot to change its language

  19. Dr. Sunil Pevekar on said:

    Let me add one more true story of high-handed attitude of Lenovo.
    First contacted Lenovo toll-free on 9 June. On 4 occasions on same day, just music for 15 mins each time. Thereafter kept trying but can’t get beyond the music. On 14th (after 4 working days) contacted staff of MD (Lenovo) and was promised action. Next evening (after 24 hrs) some Ranjan called and said he would get back in 30 mins. He just disappeared off the face of this earth and has not been located till now (21st). Somehow on 18th (9 days after my problem occured) I got through to the toll-free number and was given contact of service centre. Service centre staff was most polite, courteous and helpful and solved the problem within 2 hrs.
    I believe Lenovo is only interested in Sales but not in support. This even after getting MDs office to push the matter. And to top it all, to rub salt into my wounds, Mr. Jitender Nagar (of Lenovo, Gurgaon) implies in his mail that customer is trying to get free service (when I have specified that I am not looking for free service), as if customers are here only to rip-off Lenovo. What an attitude !! What actually took just 2 hrs required customer to wait for 11 calendar days. Lenovo service is not sinking, it has reached ocean bottom.

  20. Bharath Reddy on said:

    These are chinese stuffs i go always for WIPRO the best in INDIAN market for young & bold INDIA i think they ve grat range of latops i suggest to check it out because the brand that does not spend time & money on advirtsnments like wipro they do provide good service with the best quality v ve to be proud that wipro as INDIAn company IT IS THE WORLDS NO 1 GREEN IT COMPANY BE GREAT CHOOSE GRAET 🙂

  21. peter pan on said:

    what i want to say is that all your guys complain about the quality of lenovo laptop are all superficial.i read your words,and i find the truth .the words you guys write about the bay quality of lenovo laptops prove how foolish you are .no perfect thing on the earth .and every laptop vendors has its porblem. like hp,in my city ,you can see customers queue up for fixing their laptops .and i used 4 laptops .my first is hp.and i am not satisfied with its quality.after 1 year’s use,the hard disk is broken,and i called the service department,they asked HK2000 for a new one .so i abondoned the hp laptop.the second one is dell.the dell is famous for its service.and the service is so good indeed.but i found the quality and stability is so have to replace some devices after a not-so-long time.
    the brand now i am using is lenovo x200,this one is the best i ever is so stable .i have been using it for almost one and a half years.and i has never met the problem you guys do not claim your personal opinions hastily.cos that can only prove your foolish.

  22. Maria Jesenska on said:

    My notebook Lenovo is not even turned. It is not responding to the button. I do not know where is the problem.

  23. Hi, i am using Lenovo R60 thingpad. i would like to extend my Hard disk from 60 GB to 300GB ….. is it possible?? if not how much is possible ???????

  24. techtogadget on said:

    Hi, Win a Lenovo Laptop 15inch Just Saying the answers

    Good Luck

  25. Andy Halsey on said:

    I have been a dell customer for many years . I went to work for a company that only used Lenovo so I was given a Lenovo Z61T to work with great laptop bought the pc after lease was up still have it today still a great machine. I started my own company so I bought T400 great machine have had hardly any trouble with it nothing I Couldn’t fix on my own. Unfortunately my t400 was Stolen so I was forced to buy a new t410 was a great machine keep in mind I have only had this pc for apx 5 months I even paid extra for a 2 year warranty . Well about 6 weeks ago the pc started going dead for no reason I called customer support and nothing but A complete hassle no one could help basic acted like I was a piece of dirt and had to go to top of customer support to get someone to help me . Then final they sent some to fix my pc. Well they made it worse, broke my latch, now my plastic doesn’t line up correctly didn’t place pc on static board with a ground put their bare inside my computer really bad service all the way around Further more my pc goes dead for no reason didn’t fix the problem . After all that I told the Executive of Customer Relations I was feed up and I feel that they need to take this lemon pc they sold me back and refund my money or replace it .THERE ATTITUDE IS SORRY ABOUT YOUR LUCK BEST WE CAN DUE IS SEND ANOTHER TECH TO FIX WHAT THIS TECH MESSED UP AND SEE IF CAN REPLACE THE MEMORY THAT SHOULD FIX THE PROBLEM ……………WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL NEVER BUY A LENOVO AGAIN IF YOU DONT HAVE ANY PROBLEM WITH THEM GREAT MACHINE IF YOU DO IT’S A BIG HASSLE AND RUN AROUND THE WORST CUSTOME SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCE..I PAID 1700 FOR EVERYTHING AND ALL I GET IS BIG FU…. THE BOTTOM LINE IM GOING BACK TO DELL I WOULD NEVER RECOMEND TO BUY LENOVO THEY ARE VERY OVER PRICED AND SERVICE SUCKS AND THEY DO NOT CARE AFTER THEY GET YOUR MONEY AND THE SALES PERSON LIED TO ME ON THE EXTENDED SERVICE THEY TOLD ME THAT IF THEIR WAS EVER ANY PROBLEMS WITH YOUR PC HARDWARE THEY SEND YOU A NEW ONE OUT WITH NO QUESTION ASK .WELL I THOUGHT WAS THE CASE BECAUSE WITH DELL THAT WAS THE CASE MY FAULT NOT READING THE FINE PRINT

  26. i sir,my laptop brought from USA and it is lenovo Ideapad z360 model. one major problems with my new laptop that is not getting shutdown and fan running with high speed.the shutdown occur only when mannualy press the buton for please help me sir please

  27. I bought a basic level Lenovo 3000 G410 in 2007, and I’m writing this comment with that same lappy right now. I’ve added an extra 1GB RAM making it 3GB total. Well, I never had any problem with it. Use the pre-loaded Win XP for 1 year, then upgrade to Vista, now having dual boot with Ubuntu. Used this lappy for my work, using CoCreate 3D Modelling software dealing with live rendering of more than 2000 3D parts at a time. No glitches…I’ve also played RPG games on it (pity the Intel GMA working so hard)…yet again it never failed me. Either I’m just lucky or a good owner. Laptops like any other assets, need to be used in the correct way as well as maintain in the correct way…then it should last. FYI, I live & work in Malaysia…weather here goes from 22degC at night to a scorching 35degC during the day…and rains an ocean-full every few days.

  28. Fazal on said:

    I have bought lenovo thinkpad Sl400 in dubai 2 years back.
    After 1 year my blutooth was not working and soon after that my display gone.I have gone through the service centers.They told the display ICU was out.We are not getting these icu’s seperate.So u have to replace the mother board like that and all.The cost will be aroung AED 1000/-.My whole money spended on this laptop are in vein now.
    I dont want to spent another 1000/- for this laptop.Now it is sitting idle in my home.
    Any one have any idea to serivice it with reasonable cost..Plz let me know

  29. milan on said:

    i bought my lonovo ideapad z460 laptop b4 6 months … but now its no wroking properly …. yesterday it gone off while im watching a vedoi on it ….. how i could solve my problem ?? …. does anybody have idea about it ??

  30. Rajiv on said:

    Yes Lenovo laptops are not good…charging problems are often

  31. Carlos Cruz on said:

    Very bad Lenovo laptop hardware followed by very bad after sales warranty experience

    On 17th of September 2010 I purchased (Online) a Lenovo G560 I5 laptop from a company called Insight. I purchased the laptop ready for the post holiday start of a Masters study program which I about to embark on at the time. On return from my holiday and on first setup of my laptop, it became clear there were some serious issues (it was freezing regularly and unusable), however it had gone beyond the 14 day return policy and I had to now deal with the Lenovo warranty people to try and resolve the situation.
    Under the Lenovo warrantee, my machine was sent back for repairs 4+ times and each time either came back with the same problem or with the same problem as well as some new ones. Finally after 6 months Lenovo agreed to replace the Laptop which was picked up on the 17th of March 2011 at which point I was told that it would take another 2 to 6 weeks to find a replacement. We are now in July and I still do not have my Laptop replaced, nor have I received any communication on Lenovo’s part to tell me when this might happen.
    Furthermore, I was told that I would most likely receive a refurbished laptop as a replacement for the brand new one I had purchased 6 months earlier. I said that this would not do as I had bought a new laptop and that if I had wanted a refurbished laptop, I would have purchased one in the first place.
    In IT terms, 1 year after a laptop is purchased (brand new) it is already out of date and worth substantially less. Over 9 months after buying this unusable faulty laptop, they now want to pawn off a refurbished version of the same old specifications. This is incredible cheek on the part of Lenovo.
    I purchased this Laptop in good faith, thinking that Lenovo was a known and trusted manufacturer of Computers and Laptops and hence was a safe buy, and because of this surely their after sales service would be great. I have never been proved so wrong. The worse hardware purchasing experience I have ever made, privately or in my capacity as Head of IT, so this is saying something.
    It is now nearly 1 year since I paid over my hard earned cash for a Laptop which I still do not have. I have now finished the Masters degree for which I had originally bought the laptop.
    In any other situation, this would be considered theft and not just of a physical item, but of my peace of mind and ability to execute the Masters degree for which this Laptop was purchased to aid in the first place.
    I have tried to speak to management at the Lenovo Warranty department and have been unsuccessful. The only people I have been able to speak to are the same 3 or 4 customer services people whom have done absolutely nothing for me and usually end up with them telling that they will escalate the matter. Nothing ever happens at this point, leading me to believe they are either escalating my matter to a bunch of chimpanzees, or to complicit thieves which have stolen £650.00 (or so) pounds from me and see me more as a victim for their theft than a customer.
    It is incredible that a company with so much to lose with regards to their image, can treat someone like me in such a way, and be so confident that it will not affect them. Clearly, Lenovo’s image is not a priority. This was my first experience with Lenovo (I am an HP man and should have stayed) and I will never buy another Lenovo product. Very bad products and worse after sales services. Their warranty is basically useless.

    Having read this do I have some sort of case?

  32. malar on said:

    We are one of the widely acclaimed laptop repair center from Chennai. We are into various laptop related services such as Component level repair of Laptops & second hand laptop computer

  33. I have an IBM ThinkPad T61, and when we turn it on it shows “Error 0192: System Security –
    IBM Embedded Security hardware tamper detected.” What does that mean?? What is a solution for that??

  34. Seems like you should go to service centre

  35. msechu on said:

    i use lenovo for one since i bought it, is rill good computer
    but i have problem on my screen, i have damage some were
    on my screen there is a black colour started but now become
    beggar every day what can i do to stop it or is your advice?.
    my computer is LENOVO B 575 MODEL 1450


  36. Ellen Smith on said:

    May I quote Warrren Buffet’s famous line’ $ is all you pay, quality is all you get.’ Chinese don’t buy Chinese products, they don’t buy their cars, TVs, white goods, only those Chinese who cannot afford better products will buy their own shits. Ask Chinese.

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