LinkedIn Tools Job Questers Need To Know LinkedIn ranks top in opening up job opportunities to plenty of job seekers out there and it is being identified among a lot of sites as one of the popular professional media network. Are you busy uploading your resume in job sites and sharing it with social site? Don’t you want to make your portfolio more impressive? Ain’t you not happy that LinkedIn offers certain tools which are really helpful for job seeking?


This awesome tool helps you to search job based on your area of qualification and interest. All you need to do is to enter the keyword “hiring” with the specific location you opt for and the industry. Signal tool will then rush through all contacts of the mentioned industry with those recruiters looking forward to fill a vacancy. This tool aids in finding a better job.

Creative Portfolio Display

 LinkedIn Tools Job Questers Need To Know Are you looking for a creative job position? An effective tool for all creative job questers around. This creative tool is designed such a way that it supports maximum multimedia storage and also allowing you to display the portfolio on your profile. Mostly freelancers catch hold of this tool to display their creative work, expose their brand which would finally fetch them good fortune in the industry by stepping to many opportunities.

Resume Builder

Switch your LinkedIn profile into a PDF or Word Resume! Yes, this easy-to-use tool lets you build your resume the best way among a lot of tools out online. What you need to do is, choose the best template, start pasting out the important details, now you can either print it out or upload or share in social sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for faster progress.

Who Works At

With the help of a visual pop-up signal, “Who Works At” works by letting your know about specific establishments on your LinkedIn network. This powerful tool works via Google Chrome extension and it ranks the results based on most popular persons. This handy and compact tool lets you know the current status of the company with all the new employees and related happenings.

Check on how “Who Works At” works!

Apply With LinkedIn

A new plug-in drawing attention among professionals like LinkedIn members, MNCs around, Photobucket, TripIt and LinkedIn Tools Job Questers Need To KnowNetflix have already integrated the plug-in on their job listings web pages exposing more to the job seekers. How it works is just very simple, as an applicant if you click on the  “Apply with LinkedIn” option on these sites, the company would receive your LinkedIn details in place of your resume. Hiring officers can download this tool for free.

LinkedIn hResume

A WordPress plug-in using hResume microformat block connecting your LinkedIn profile to display your profile data in the seeking way on your WordPress blog.

LinkedIn Search Engines for Firefox

A popular plug-in which enables LinkedIn search options to the Firefox’s default search bar which is at the top right corner of the web browser. The available engines helps you search for jobs in your LinkedIn network as well as you could search for contact information of a company and its details.

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