google glassIt seems as though more and more science fiction gadgets are finding their way into the market. And soon to reach the prestigious ranks of cool gadgets is Google’s Glass. Even if you haven’t heard of it before, well…… you’re bound to hear about it quite often once they’ve released it into the public market.

google glasses;jpgBasically, Google Glass is a light-weight pair of glasses that doubles up as a computer. Though the concept of head-mounted displays have been around for quite some time, the predecessors of Glass have always been bulky, heavy, and slightly impractical for everyday use. In short, you couldn’t flaunt them in public like you would your smart phone or your tablet. But now, all of this has changed due to Google’s new product : The Google Glass.

Rosa Golijan wears Google Glass on Tuesday, April 30, 2013.For now, it does the same thing that your smart phone can do… with the difference of you being able to control it with the power of your own voice. It lets you talk to it, voicing what you would rather type up on your laptop or touch on our screen. If you want to look something up… you just tell it what you want.

Obviously, this kind of technology opens the doors for a whole new world. As Google would put it “Welcome to a world through glass”. But, just like anything else in this world, Google Glass comes with the good, the bad and the ugly.

Disadvantages: Why The Glass Could Fail

diaadvantages of google glassPrivacy is something we don’t really have these days. Anyone can find out whatever they want to about anybody… if they have a device that connects to the internet. Now, imagine all of that…. with the power of Google’s Glass. Facial recognition software is coming to Google. You wouldn’t really want some random stranger you run into on the street researching you, now would you?

Another reason why the Glass can be considered intrusive is the fact that it can stream video live. Anybody could record anything in public…without you knowing about it. At least with a tablet or a cell phone, the user would have to lift the device to get a clear picture. But with Google Goggles? The thought is kind of scary.

Advantages: Why The Glass Could Succeed In Spite Of It All

For one, Google Glass has a number of irresistible apps. The Bulletproof Google Class APP will lock the screen if you are not the one wearing it. Thus, the glass protects all your stuff. Of course, this kind of stuff can be done in any other device. But, it’s hard to beat the Google Glass. Another cool app is the Google Winky. For those of you who have plenty of practice in winking, this skill( which will probably only get you in trouble with the ladies), can be used to control your Glass with the Google Winky.

Futuristic Uses:

Now that Google’s Glass is round the corner, surely they’re working on something more that will take the Glass to the next level. Of course, we can only speculate as to what that would be. But, as always, the possibilities are endless. There is always the possibility that Google Glass can make a big impact on the medical field and the way we are diagnosed with certain diseases.

google glass futurustic usesAccording to the Daily Mail, there is a lot that your eye can reveal about you. If Google could find a way to do this, using images captured by the Glass, of the wearer’s eyes, medical research might become something quite amazing. Even eye movement could be monitored. For example, it is said that eye movement can indicate schizophrenia. And knowing Google, they’re sure to find a way to do it.

google glass in drivingNow, let’s go back to the privacy factor. Remember how we said that Google’s face recognition software in its glasses could invade privacy? Well, there’s a chance that the face recognition software could be used by law enforcement. Imagine a hold-up or a bank robbery. The wearer of the Glass could live stream the incident to the concerned authority. Crime might not go down…. but justice would surely go up.

It wouldn’t even have to be a live recording. All you would have to do is catch a glimpse of the perpetrator, make sure you get a picture (which wouldn’t be all that hard with Winky). Problem solved.

So, Will The Glass Last? Or Is It Bound To Shatter?

It’s too soon to tell. I guess we’ll have to wait and let our eyes do the talking on this one.

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