Planning to buy a Macbook, still confused with what choice to make, Macbook Pro with retina display or Macbook Air? When it comes to photo editing then it’s better to get one with retina display. The retina model doesn’t come with a  disk drive however if  you still need it then you can buy a usb or  disk drive from apple.

If you are using it for office, school or travel mainly for word processing and internet connectivity with minimum technical usage  like video, audio or graphics editing, then Macbook air is better for you.

If you are using it for some visual or graphics editing purpose then it’s better to opt for Macbook Pro with retina display. You will really fell in love with the display of this gadget.

There is a great weight difference between the two.  For instance a 13″ Macbook Air weighs 2.96 pounds and a 13″ Macbook Pro weighs  around 3.57 pounds. The best part about Macbook Pro retina is that its very  slim but  powerful enough to handle most of the technical applications.

When compared to a laptop, MacBook Air  is very easy to carry from room to room. It has a usable battery life of 7-hours  and even 30-days of standby time, you don’t  have to necessarily shut it down, all you need ias to just close the lid.

Macbook Air even comes with a slower CPU.  Most of the users prefer MacBook Pro retina as it has a better performance. It also has a lot more space on it’s flash drive than the MacBook Air. However thew choice is upto you, if you want it for better display or performance then you can buy a retina model. If all you need is a model for basic applications then Macbook Auir is better as it won’t cost you much.

If you are just considering looks in  1 a MacBook Air, then there is a slight chance for disappointment in future as the base model only includes 128 GB of SSD storage.

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