Magic jack Error 404 and Error 3 (and possible fixes)

When you are using magic jack for making calls, you might come across several
errors, only if those errors are fixed accordingly, two of the most common and perhaps
confusing errors which appear when you are using magicjack. They are Error 401 and
Error 3. The message which come when error 401 is “please restart your device and try
again” and that appearing with error 3 is “please connect to the internet and double click
here [error 3]”

Error 401 might be occurring because the device is not properly recognized by the
computer, for making the computer recognize the device properly; you can carry out a
few simple steps as follows,

First of all, unplug the device from the computer, then you have to delete a
particular folder MJUSBSP from the computer, you can find it in C:\Documents and
Settings\User\Application Data

Please note that I’ve used User but on your computer, it will be the particular name
which you have given to the account. Once you locate the folder, delete it. This should
fix the error, if it didn’t solve the problem, you will have to follow the next step which is
somewhat complex and should be carried out only by an expert.

What you have to do is to delete a particular file from registry. For that, you
go to registry editor by going to start menu – select run – type in “reg edit”
and press enter, registry editor window will be opened, in that you go to

You will find this file in there, Disk&Ven_Ymax&Prod_MagicJack&Rev_2.00. You
have to delete it by right click – delete. After that, exit the registry editor and restart
the device. Then the problem will be rectified following a fresh installation of magicjack

For fixing error 3, you can follow the following steps, just Click “Menu” on the top
right-hand corner of the magicjack interface, Click “Advanced Users >” tag, then click
on “Restart” after that open port 5060 and 5070 UDP on ALL firewalls and your router,
if you have got a firewall on your system. After that, just restart the magicjack again.
Once you do it, the connection will be possible and the device will work as it should be.

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