I heard an audio book last week “getting things done fast”. He explained one point to maintain a to-do list every time. When he explained about this I am not so much convinced in maintaining a simple to-do list improve my performance. I decided to make a try and how much it is going to improve my work. Frankly speaking now a day’s I can’t start a day without to-do list. Maintaining to-do list improved my performance a lot. Now I won’t forget anything since I am regularly watching and updating to-do list.

I am using tadalist to maintain my to-do list. It is an online to-do list by 37signal. Very cool and simple interface even a child can understand well what the application without anyones help. I am using this tool since I am online always. If you don’t have access to internet every time use to-do list available in your mobile phone. I am sure this will improve your performance.

Don’t be baulked to try to-do list. If you are a manager then its pretty important to call people’s at right time, adding those calls as a to-do, won’t allow you to miss those calls and business follow ups. Those who are doing different things each day should definitely follow this.

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2 comments on “Maintain a to-do list to improve your performance

  1. TheAnand on said:

    Yepp, using a todo list makes life easier! But only thing to be careful of is the fact that you do not write long term goals on the list making it loong and hence making us lazy

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