This is very important topic, which create a contingency factor in the wireless world. All of us know that world is going wireless day by day. Everything that is wired are going wireless. In a country like India, this has more importance since our internet infrastructure is improving every day.

I hope some of you heard about the mesh networking. Anyway let me explain what is mesh network?

The mesh can be formed by adding node in the network accordingly upon the signal strength. The routing happens by continuous configuring and reconfiguring the path according to the availability of nodes. One such mesh network is meraki. But recently they changed their plans which make not affordable for common people now.

Now Open-Mesh is there to compete with meraki. The Open-Mesh do have fully web interface to configure and control your network like meraki have. We can even control the bandwidth to a single router. What make importance to Open-Mesh is the cost of their hardware, around 49$ for a single purchase and 10$ reduction if we purchase 20 pieces.

The Open-Mesh is using open source RO.B.IN (ROuting Batman Inside) mesh network project to attain mesh networking so that even we are able to modify the firmware, whereas meraki using BATMAN routing algorithm.

Suppose you want to enable your suburb wifi enabled with internet connection. What we require is a DSL connection and couple of open-mesh hardware (depend upon the area you want to cover). You can control the whole network using a web interface provided by open-mesh. If you want to extend the area, simply by adding nodes. After enabling your city wifi you can even start voice calls inside your city free of cost (charging for voice calls is another business model).

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2 comments on “Make your city wifi enabled using Open-Mesh

  1. Kenney on said:

    Im going to flash my meraki routers with open-mesh firm ware.

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