Day before yesterday Australian opening batsman Mathew hayden called indian spinner Harbhajan singh “obnoxious little weed”.What he meant was Harbhajan singh is no use guy for cricket. He commented it in an interview for Brisbane radio. Today the news says that Mathew hayden got charged under Rule 9 of CA’s Code of Behavior after 2 hour hearing, the rule says no cricketer comment publicly anything that create or tends to create issues. Hayden got disappointed at having been charged, meanwhile he says he accepts the decision and as he respect spirit of cricket.

Last month it was Harbhajan singh who called Andrew symonds something in his regional language after that he got fined and he says the same thing what Hayden had said.

Are these dramas created by celebrities to gain public and media attentions ?

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3 comments on “Mathew Hayden – Harbhajan issue a drama ?

  1. Hayden called indian spinner “obnoxious little weed” shows his arrogance towards non white players.I dont think this people will throw mud like this,If this issue comes with England or New Zealand.This is another form of racist attack.At the sametime they are really jealous about sudden rise of our team.Real thing they dont want non white to rise above them.

  2. that is so obvious…it all seems like some publicity stunt.

  3. haydan call harbhajan “obnoxious weed”…i dont think he is wrong…have u ever see behaviou of harbhajan on field…

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