Microsoft Surface tablet Features and ReviewsIts not a matter of who copied who, but now that Android and iOS looks almost the same now. Both been here for quite some time and things started to look like a freeze. If you have yourself tired already with iOS and Android tabs, good to make a switch and now that you have the new Surface Tablet from Microsoft, you can have the dip in the new. So here is a fix we have with the new Surface Tablet from Microsoft, its an all new interface you can find, the Microsoft’s RT for tablets. Sleek, slim and that would be even slim than the iPad, Surface Tablet is just 9.3mm thick.

A bunch of new features Microsoft put in in this new hardware venture, when it was fully on to software for the last 37 years. The features Surface Tablet carries makes it a direct competitor to Apple’s iPad.

Thematic design, carries with it a kickstand, similar to Apple’s Smart Cover. When Smart Cover when used got only typing perfection and not viewing perfection. Kickstand is good for both, it pops in when you need your device to rest on it. With the Type Cover, one can enjoy a sleek physical keyboard and that doubles itself as a screen protector when it gives out the features of a keyboard and trackpad. When you look at the all new interface Surface Tablet offers, it’s a smart move to get one instead for iPad or any other Android based tabs if you are planning to get.

Surface (Windows RT) tablet key specs

  • Windows RT operating system
  • Nvidia ARM CPU
  • 10.6-inch ClearType HD Display
  • Front- and rear-facing “HD” cameras
  • 9.3mm thick
  • 676 grams/23.85 ounces
  • 31.5 watt hour battery
  • Ports: microSD, USB 2.0, Micro-HD video, 2×2 MIMO antennas
  • Storage options: 32GB and 64GB for Windows RT

Surface (Windows Pro) tablet key specs

  • Windows 8 operating system
  • Intel third-generation Core i CPU
  • 10.6-inch ClearType “Full HD” Display
  • Front- and rear-facing “HD” cameras
  • 13.5mm thick
  • 903 grams/31.85 ounces
  • 42 watt hour battery
  • Ports: microSDXC, USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort video
  • Storage options: 64GB and 128GB

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