Microsoft Surface Tablet v/s iPad - What to Buy?Microsoft Surface Tablet or iPad, before you ask something like that, let me ask you something else. If it were your computer or operating system, what would be your choice, OS X or Windows. We all have to personal choices but here in this case, personal choices got nothing much to do, i would say instead the features and the usability you are looking for will matter here. When it is for your OS, you prefer Mac and OS X, i have all my reasons to believe that you would go for an iPad instead for the Microsoft’s Surface tab. Users happy with OS X, would hardly look for something else, because they have most their needs catered by Apple and so less will they have to look for choices. But a windows user definitely will want to take a dip in the OS X and yeah the mobile version the iOS.

Feature wise, Microsoft Surface Tablet and iPad got much gap, making it not really a difficult choice to any one. Microsoft made a big move, the software giant is now trying its hands in hardware and they have a competitor to Apple’s ipad. Though i’m a huge fan of iPad, i must have to say i really loved the sporty Surface Tab form factor, it’s thinner than iPad. But more the the looks, Surface Tablet carries with it real iPad killing features. Im putting in top features you would want to consider Surface Tablet instead for iPad.

There comes a time when we get bored of what we have had for quite long. The iOS and Android, they heen here for a while and now that they look similar very much now. Not a matter of who copied who, but the new Surface Tab got for you an all new interface. Windows RT, its feature wise the mini version to the new Windows 8 OS. When iPad converges all its beauty in its simplicity, you have the new Surface Tablet with an advanced, thematic design. So when you are tired already with the user interfaces of iOS and Android, the RT would be the perfect choice to make.

Apple’s Smart Cover is great integration, but with the low angle position it fetches in just good for typing and not really good for viewing. Now the Microsoft got for you a kickstand in place, it disappears to the device when not in use and pops out as you need it just like a car door from the back. When iPad lacks a physical keyboard, Microsoft got for Surface tablet one such thing. Sleek and compact, Type Cover.

Surface tablet comes with a larger 10.6-inch ClearType display compared to the iPad, lets you play HD 1080p. Though iPad is sleek and trendy, Surface Tablet features a slim design, 9.3 mm thick compared to the 9.4 mm of the iPad. When you have the iPad available in White or Black, the Surface tab got for you a bunch of colors including, red, blue, charcoal and pink. When the iPad would cost you about $829, Surface Tablet prices falls far less to that.

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