A barcode is embedded data about a product available with a code on the packaging of the same. The data is readable with the help of optical machines only. You may have seen this commonly at the store where the product is held under a scanner at the time of billing. The barcode tells the computer the product code and it reflects the price or any other relevant information about the same. In the same way Microsoft tag offers you 2D embedded information about the product. With the help of new age devices like your smartphone this can take you through an all new experience of a colorful world of information and entertainment. These are the same embedded information but their presentation is available not just for an optical scanner but even through your phone.

These are also known as High Capacity Color Barcode; with the use of Microsoft tag this is used for products within a grid of 5 x 10. In this there is a use of 4 different colors and the code operates in a colorless tone. There are variations in the print size that depends on the packaging but inn all they are readable. You can easily scan these with your mobile phone camera and get connected. Such tags on bigger items and advertisement signs always appear larger than smaller boxes of cereals and chocolates. Such tags are also available on books and magazines where it may be medium to small in size as well.

You will come across a Microsoft tag in almost all kinds of commodities and products; these are usually a link to a website or video and other information about the product; and it will all be available through your phone. It is a free advantage that comes to you in the form of interesting information you are looking for. There is an easy application tool called the Tag Manager with which you can create one for your product. Adding these to your product will make them more interesting and appealing to the consumer or buyer. Once the end user sees the code they can scan the tag on their Smartphone; using a free download available in devices called Tag app they can immediately see the video or the website of excitement you have created with your product. If you are interested in knowing the progress or impact a tag has made on your marketing plans then you can refer to a free report available as well.

Microsoft tag can be the best advantage and answer to any marketing woes that you may have experienced in the past. It is an advanced means of reaching out to your focused audience of buyers and consumers with what they would like to see or know about your company and the range of products available. This can work wonders especially in case of new launches and companies that are relatively new in a particular market.

This use of technology can be particularly appealing to a new generation of gadget users and tech savvy patrons.

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