Microsoft is soon expected to release a public preview version of Windows Blue at its Build developer conference in San Francisco this June. There have been several rumors about the name of this update. The renowned Microsoft experts Mary Jo Foley and Paul Thurrot, mentions that the Windows 8 with Blue updates will be named Windows 8.1. The release of Windows 8.1 is expected to happen around August this year. Microsoft is planning to position Blue as part of the Windows 8 wave, not as Windows 9.


A screenshot of  a system running Windows operating system version 6.3 build 9375 that went viral recently points out the difference. Windows 8 is a masterpiece of  Microsoft and it will continue to get better over time, just like it always did. Windows 8.1 will also conquer the market very soon. You will have to wait a little longer to hear some official statement from Microsoft.

Microsoft is soon expected to release Windows 8.1 by August, 2013, which will give PC makers enough time to prepare their all-new PCs for the holiday season, reports ZDnet.

Though the picture of Blue updates remains vague, a few modifications of Windows 8.1 over Windows 8 are already published, they are discussed below:

  • New split-screen App options.
  • Improved modern UI PC settings.
  • New tile sizes.
  • New search interface.
  • Enhanced SkyDrive.
  • Internet Explorer 11.
  • Swipe up from Start Screen to access list of apps.
  • More personalization options.
  • Picture frame mode.
  • New gestures.
  • A New Calculator App.
  • A New Alarm App.
  • A New Sound Recorder App.
  • Movie Moments; a video editing application

Windows is slowly going in the apple route and it’s not a bad thing at all. Continuous updating is a better business model than service packs. You need to wait for few more months to enjoy the benefits of this updated version of Windows 8. I It’s been even told that Windows Blue ( 8.1) version is subscription based. You can even find some promotional deals and yearly packages as well.

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