Microsoft XBOX 720 and Sony PS4 - Watch Out for these in 2013!Gamers on the watch! Are you excited to know that Microsoft XBOX 720 and Sony PS4 are gonna be launched soon in 2013? The releases are gonna widely hit the gaming world and the investing companies!

The new console from Microsoft and Sony actually adds more anticipation in the trading markets as the two leading publishers were likely gonna launch many games and did not come with the exact date of the launch. It is expected that PS4 be launched by November 2013 and Microsoft’s XBOX by March 2014. So can we expect a great boom with coming two years!

You all have seen the thunder effect created by Microsoft way back in 2005 with the release of XBOX 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3. These consoles engage itself in the business and drawn huge investments. Now Frank Gibeau of EA have announced the new-gen releases of XBOX720 and PS4 and added that this new-gen is soon gonna be a Golden Age for the gaming and trading industries.

Microsoft XBOX 720 and Sony PS4 - Watch Out for these in 2013!All those gamers no more require the older versions of hardware PS3 or XBOX 360 as they are looking for new games to run on their new platforms. It is assured by Microsoft that XBOX 720 offers consumers a high time entertainment blend with gaming satisfaction like never experienced before.  This new generation XBOX 720 is likely to run on an eight core CPU, supporting Blu-ray, DVR functionality and 1080p 3D support. The Intel processor unit of XBOX support about 8GB memory and NVIDIA graphics. This great specification keep the gamers at high spirit and waiting for the next-gen hardware arrival. It is believed that XBOX 720 is 6 times more efficient and powerful than XBOX 360!

Microsoft XBOX 720 and Sony PS4 - Watch Out for these in 2013!PS4 of Sony, is underway the way of process for all those PlayStation addicts. Rumors being spread that by the fall of 2013 PS4 will see the daylight! It is been expected that Sony gonna rename their new PS4 as PS4 Orbis Vitae means Circle Of Life in Latin. News from Sony says that PS4 uses AMD Radeon HD 7670 chip and A8-3850 APU, and also featured with full HD 1080p 3D gaming graphics specification. Yet another rumor not its working is that Sony PS4 may use NVIDIA’s ARM-based project Denver making it highly super fast gaming hardware!

So all the PlayStation freaks as well as XBOX fans keep their fingers crossed and watch out for the huge hit in 2013!

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