Quite often a great part of your monthly home expense goes on paying high electricity bills. The government has even declared to increase the unit rate for the coming months too. A little care can help you to save a great deal of money that you spent unnecessarily. The time has come to keep an eye on your meter and you can’t stay careless like the way you used to be before. Nowadays there are many smartphone apps which helps you to control over power consumption. You can download these apps either free of cost or for a minute amount. Here are few apps that assist you to control the electricity rate given below:

Energy Efficient Home

This is an app that is developed by Bigo which gives you many suggestions for ways by which you can save the electricity consumption at your home. It not only cares for your home but also for the environment as well.

Electricity Calculator

This  app developed by Anvesoft helps you to calculate the electricity rate and compare the cost efficiency of two electrical appliances.If you download this app then you can calculate the electricity cost of any electric powered device. After calculating the rate you will be more conscious next time when you use the device.

Energy Consumption Analyzer

This application keeps track of your energy, gas and water consumption’ and  from the entered data, the application calculates the average normalized rate of consumption per hour, day, week or month. It even gives a  graphical illustration of the energy consumption rate over time.

Light Bulb Finder

It has become  more like a necessity to change all the  incandescent lights at your home to energy-efficient light bulbs inorder to save electricity; Light Bulb Finder helps you in doing that. The app recommends energy-saving bulbs with the right light quality, fit and style. For each recommendation, Light Bulb Finder calculates financial payback and environmental impact. You can purchase the energy-saving bulbs either through the app or from stores. This app is developed by Eco Hatchery.

All these apps will help you to be more conscious in your day to day power usage.You can download it as soon as possible to keep a control on your high monthly electric bills.

In the current scenario, when the global climate is changing at an alarming rate,you can play your role in preserving the planet.By doing so, you are making sure that future generations will also be able to enjoy the nature resources that the planet earth have provided you all. And what better way to help than to start saving electricity at home.

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