Mobile apps for the self protection of womenIt is women’s right to be protected in a country or state no matter how she dresses or behaves! Women of India is rated as the least protected and faces threats on daily basis. The state of Delhi, shows the high shades of brutality towards women in disguise as well as in public. Hope you all were shocked by the worst incident which shook the entire country into roots! So is the country safe for women? A country were 5-16 rape cases reported in 48 hours, the metropolitan cities with high pressing on women?

Since we live in a tech era, mobile apps are at its turn to help women out in fighting back against these untimely and unexpected attacks. Let’s get into some of the mobile fight back apps generated especially for the women!

Mobile apps for the self protection of womenTracking technology

This android app gets the GPS tracking technology which helps women to send out signal if they smell any harm towards them. As you on your evening walk you can turn the app on and it starts its duty in tracking your way. So which ever short cuts or hidden roads you take the GPS will track you constantly. The time you feel the attack, take the cursor and hit the button. The time the button is clicked the app sends on alert calls to five mobile numbers which is already pre-fed, to their email-id and also puts up status on your Facebook wall indicating the person needs help at this location. Technology has come up with this app for about past six months and about few hundred women are using it. Improvements are being undertaken to modify this app. You can download this app from whypoll or

Mobile apps for the self protection of womenType Of Martial Arts

It is quite difficult to hear and feel when women become a victim of an brutal violence. So is men proud of their strength to show up on women or do they feel women are weak when compared to the muscle power they hold of. So here comes the Google app, Martial Arts. This help women to learn several tips and ways to defend themselves to various threats around them. You can easily download this app from Google play store.

Mobile apps for the self protection of womenSmartWho Siren App

The Siren app lets you press the button which is shown on the app to get contacted to the police and they could come for rescue. The timely effort made can save the person from harm. Even this app has helped out to catch some culprits at abroad. You can easily download this app from Google play store.

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