I’m sure you have read it all where mobile phone insurance is concerned…‘waste of money’, ‘never pays out’, ‘pricey’. Perhaps this has led you to be weary about insuring your mobile? Don’t be.

This typical weary view is understandable, especially back in the day when mobile phone handset costs weren’t that high. However, with the latest smartphones, in particular Apple iPhones, now costing around £600 to replace, it might be time to reconsider and reassess the benefits of mobile phone insurance.

What’s that I hear you say, your phone is covered on your home insurance? This is mentioned a lot and it is an option to add your phone (usually as a “possessions outside the home” extra) to your home insurance; but do be sure to check the excess on the policy and any exclusions.

It’s also advisable to weigh up how likely you are to claim. Contents insurance often gives significant no-claims discounts, meaning your premium could shoot up if you make a claim. You may therefore decide that you would rather not have your iPhone tangled up with your home insurance.

But…and there is always an annoying ‘but…’

What if you have recently moved house and haven’t got contents insurance yet? What if you’re a student living in halls? Your mobile phone really can be like an extra arm, or in some cases a Personal Assistant. Your emails, music, numbers of school friends, work colleagues, all your mates addresses, precious photos, personal data; do you want to risk losing all that?!

Speaking of data, the ‘geeks’ at phone insurance companies ensure us our insurance recovers (wherever possible) your data and returns it; and they also now have an app to protect the personal details on your mobile. Not bad for mobile phone insurance cover starting from £1.99 a month.

So can we therefor dispel the idea that mobile phone insurance is mega expensive; it’s not.

I can still detect cynicism and doubt! There are companies out their that have a Defaqto 5 star insurer status!

What is a Defaqto 5 Star Rating?

It’s a badge of quality that all major insurers want to have. Defaqto are independent experts who compare over 35,000 financial products and award each one a star rating based on the level of cover or benefits, so that you can see where a product sits in the market at a glance.

Technical Support

If you are shopping around before buying a new mobile phone or tablet, be warned that if you walk into a phone shop and buy a shiny new handset and contract, chances are the company will try to sell you insurance as well. These insurance policies are seldom the cheapest, and may contain exclusions. They may be your best friend when they are selling you your gorgeous new tablet, but when you are unsure how to set up your email account, send files, or group images into folders where do you go for advice and help? When you take out insurance, check the extras you get, some companies offer their technical support so if you have any trouble setting up everything on your new mobile or tablet they will be able to help you over the phone, in store or by sending you step by step guides via email!

Now we know that not everyone is a geek, or wants to be; but geeks are handy to have around (so my mum tells me). So what if you could get technical support for your mobile phone or tablet device, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year included in your insurance? Some insurers do this!

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