There have been times in my life when I thought I was better off without a mobile phone. The constant need to know whats happenning with my friends or that itch to check my whatsapp messages obsessively never existed until a few years ago. The mobile technology revolution came like a hurricane into our lives and left behind a set of mechanical emotions which are very well here to stay. No one sought out to clean the mess yet people innovated on it further and life as we knew it ceases to exist now.

Studying or Staying connectedDisconnecting themselves from technology almost sends a chill down people’s spines. Sometimes, I wonder whether it is to kill boredom or to keep in touch ? Last Sunday, at the venue for the most coveted ‘civil services’ examination, I happened to observe the ‘students of today’ and their ‘study’ patterns. Everyone had their study material on one hand and their phones face up on the other. Listening to music, googling, facebooking even! The sense of being primitive was sinking in.

Even though, the admit clearly mentioned ‘Please refrain from bringing your mobile phones or any other electronic devices’ (which I took too seriously I assume), everyone in my hall had a phone to place on the table before writing the exam. An hour without my phone I started speculating about whose call did I miss, what if someone had something urgent to convey. All the normal psychomaniacal reactions that people have when they are obsessed with a device which has began to form an integral part of their life.

Confessions of a NomophobicThe impact of modern technology can be seen in our daily lives. My alarm has replaced my mom. My daily calendar reminder has replaced my close friends who remind me on events which I would conveniently forget otherwise. The savvy google maps has reduced my human interaction needs, I don’t need to work my way around talking to auto drivers for directions anymore. The list just goes on. My addiction towards technology seems natural and harmless but this is when my dependency began to scare me. I walk on the road talking to a few friends. One might say I was in a transient state of happiness when I could‘feel’ a ring but couldn’t find my phone. My frantic search and panic stricken face set everyone into a frenzy and alas it was in my pocket and we had a good laugh.

Warped in the mobile technology revolutionIf it were the case that I did lose my mobile, which I had witnessed amongst one of my friends. The fit that into sends you into is unimaginable. She was like a walking zombie, unable to distinguish between things. It seemed like she felt left out when others were busy pressing their buttons ignoring the immediate world around them. Few days without her phone let her to contemplate what could’ve happened to it, who would’ve misused it and what condition it would be in now?Losing things do disturb you but why does losing a cell phone disturb people like you lost a part of your arm. Now thats something to ponder over!

Connecting PeopleRelationships aren’t the way they used to be. During the olden days, love seemed magical, with messages send through pigeons and notes shared through friends. People knew how important those lines of communication were. The struggle seemed never ending and the fruit nonetheless, worth it. Now everyone has access to various modes of communication and various ‘options of people’ to stay in touch with. Quite ironic isn’t it? The whole value of face to face communication got lost somewhere along the warp known as the mobile technology revolution.

Wonder why people never get tired of staying constantly connected. I always saw technology as a phase like most revolutions. People are hooked and then bang! five years later no one knows what happened to it. The rest as they say will be history. Somehow there seems to be no end to the mobile technology revolution, it has made a hole so deep that it is here to stay and for long! For how long? Guess thats something I wish I could witness cause now nothing seems to be better than my mobile phone!


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Yogitha, loves to write, on just about anything. Realising her passion not too late in life, she managed to complete her Masters in Communication from Women's Christian College, Chennai. Currently, she works as a Technical Writer with Cognizant. A complete 'sitcom buff'', her current must see list has 'The Big Bang Theory' right on top!

7 comments on “Mobile Technology Keeps Me Alive! Or Does It?

  1. Neethinila on said:

    “Wonder why people never get tired of staying constantly connected.” Totally agree. Isn’t there joy in solitude?
    Very nice article Yogitha.

  2. Sairam Krishnan on said:

    Quite true! I switched to a ‘dumbphone’ coz’ of this and I’m quite happy using the saved time to read or something.

  3. Laya on said:

    we are all live victims of the same and i believe that keeps us even virtually visible to all those who are physically away from us.

  4. Anand Mani on said:

    Good one. Well Collated.

    Common habit witnessed over the recent trend,
    Being Gaga over Mobile phones, Communication & electronic gadgets… etc
    Then going livid in the absence of these items

    Technology Should be under our(Human) Control

    Lead a suave life by Imbibing the taste of the future and travel along.

  5. Arthi on said:

    Great topic as it is relevant question in today’s wired world! This topic should be explored further as series, given the alienation a host of mobile and social media channels have created. More quantity of connections with less quality time spent on relationships. Rightly said that we ignore those who are next to us, while staying touch with some one half way across the world. Excellent writing style!!!

  6. Divya on said:

    absolutely ryt u r…..i was living without my phone for the past 10 days…. and ya initially i was like a zombie but then i realised the world is not gonna end…. everyone should try that once in a while… a vacation from the “mobile” world

  7. sowmiya on said:

    well written article!! the author is right in saying that mobile phones have becme an integral part of our lives.. who can deny that? V jus cant live without a mobile!!

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