Moblin which is the shortened form of mobile Linux is projected aimed at developing OS for Mobile Internet Devices. The Moblion OS 2 was developed specifically for the atom processor. Intel finally turned over the Moblin to Linux in April 2009. the Linux Collaboration Summit in April 2009, Intel showed that the Moblin 2 alpha release can load write a dating profile major components of the stack, including the graphics system and boot up in seconds. A new graphical interface was added to the the Moblin 2.0 beta version.Moblin core which is built on the Gnome platform is at the heart of Moblin paltform. A new interface built using clutter is the feature of the new OS .Clutter is a project developed report internet dating scam by Intel.

The major components of the Moblin include a Moblin Image Creator allowing developers to create a custom Linux file system for a device,Kernel which contains platform-specific patches to theLinux kernel and other device drivers,power manager,Browswer based on Mozilla technologies with a finger-driven UI and MID UI integration( The browser supports major plugins like the Adobe Flash player etc.),multimedia with fetish sex chat rooms audio and video playback and photo viewing this also includes Helix or Gstreamer multimedia frameworks and a Linux connection manager supporting various protocols for internet connection.

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