Mobshare india’s popular mobile content sharing site is growing. They recently powered mobile citizen journalism for CNN IBN. The user base of mobshare are drastically increasing recently. Recently they upgraded the version and its seems cool than older mobshare.


The main attractive features that differentiate mobshare from other social networking site is its mobile power. The content sharing in mobshare can also done by using mobiles. Mobshare using MMS for content sharing from mobiles. You can sent content to me@mobshare.in from your mobiles if registered the content will be available on your folder in mobshare which can be shared moderated etc.

Mobshare’s MMS engine platform are also going to power citizen journalism for kerala police, its a TePP funded project also. Mobshare’s MMS engine are also powering DSN for there signage network available in all coffee days. I am sure the mobshare can add a turning point to social networking sites in india.

Enjoy mobsharing now.

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