, in its efforts to provide quality recommendations to its online community for investors, traders and stock market enthusiasts, launched a fresh new beta version recently.

Besides tracking the performance of every pick made on its site, rating stock pickers (‘analysts’) based on the actual performance of the picks and more, the beta version is also more intuitive, more user friendly.

Moneyvidya analysts are regularly being featured and can be found on

The average 5 star analyst on has made 178 stock picks. He or she beats the nifty by +3% per month; in the last 30 days, our typical 5 star analysts has beaten the nifty by an average of +14.1%.

Also, on an average, the non premium members, in the last 30 days, have managed to beat the market by 8.6%. is now giving a cash prize of Rs 100,000 to its top analysts: rewards its top Analysts not only by giving them recognition, but also by giving them cash. This has increased the competition for top spots and is ensuring quality results are consistently generated on the website.

On June 1, 2010 our 5 Star rated analysts will share a pot of Rs. 100,000. As becomes more popular, we aim to increase the size and frequency of cash payouts to our top ten best analysts.


All the analysts on are accountable for their opinions. Retail investors therefore, know whose opinions are worth following and whose should be ignored.

Approximately 17,500 recommendations have been made on the site to date, out of which 20% have been made in the last 1 month! This number is growing at 20% per week since the last month

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  2. stock picks India on said:

    The Theme of choosing same platform for Investors and Analysts is nice Idea.Investors/buyers get right picks from top analysts.

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