More From Apple - The iPad Mini Coming Soon - First Peek and Specs  This time Apple not only got to roll out the new iPhone 5, but it as well got another one ready to hit the stores along with the new iPhone 5. What we are talking about is the new 7.x inch iPad mini from Apple currently inventory ready and getting rolled out with its iPhone 5 this September. The new iPad mini is just the scaled down version to the original product iPad. When the ipad features a 9.7 inch, the mini is scaled down 7.x inch and of course they have the price scaled down to a range of $200-250.

Now the reason why Apple want to come in to the low end tablet market is just evident from the price tag the new iPad Mini is to carry. When they cut the prices as low as $ 200, they are trying to take away the oxygen and to suffocate the manufacturers based in the low end tablet market especially with the Samsung as well HTC when they have no plans to leave behind other manufacturers as well. I have all reasons to believe the patent violation Samsung and HTC won over Apple has pissed them off very much and they sure want to show it down on them all in full vent, but in business hitting the market with products that are surely to take up the dough the other manufacturers have.

Anyways the wait is going to be soon over, its just until fall we have the Apple iOS 6, iPhone 5 and the new ipad Mini hitting stores. Sure the smaller version of iPad would be high success, many who went along the 7 inch not-iPad products are getting a choice this time at a price affordable and the Apple family benefits in the hardware as well software side sure stays ahead of the Android based ones.

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