More Reasons To Switch To Outlook If You Aren't Convinced YetOutlook email is gone live already, and its quite sometime. To all who heard about it but didn’t try it yet and to all who have had a sneek peak but still not checked the features in full, do it today. You will find yourself in love with this new email from Microsoft. Not like their live or hotmail and its not any revamp they did, but Outlook is brand new by any standards, few reasons wanna make you switch.

Metro design, thats what the new interface looks like, clean and no ads running anywhere (at least as of now, dont know if they bring in “too-much relevant” ads like googles does) that looks good.

Few of the best things you been missing in the past, Microsoft knows it and look what they got this time. Social integration for your email, and sure that is something new and bet many of you wanted something like this. Outlook, its connected more, brings life to your conversations with your friends’ photos, Tweets and the latest facebook updates.

The productivity thing they brought in this time on to email, something to match up with Google’s Documents. You have here free Word, Excel and PowerPoint web apps built in with a 7Gb cloud storage.

Said above already, no ads running. Outlook is private, you are the only person in control of your data, and Microsoft never uses your personal conversations for your ads(does it really sound someone else use your personal conversations to show you itself those “highly-relevant” ads). Virtually unlimited storage and less spam and Skype integration is on the way, you will have it soon. So if you not have look to all these, do it today and grab your username now, before anyone does it already.

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