Killing time is hard thing for most of us, we all get bored of things fast and to move time, we find it really hard. So you have a dull weekend coming and not much plans of outside fun, here are few games for you to move your hours in pure fun. Now forget the angry birds, and all those green pigs, this one we have here is all new just to make you enjoy.

Most Addictive Free Games for AndroidTank Hero

Tank Here we have is the most addictive of all android games. A battery drainer game. Now don’t take me wrong here, drainer in a sense you sure will spend long hours with the game. The game is free, but if you need the  ad free version, it’s available for purchase. Good to make the ad free version purchase, the game is worth it and a support to the developers for new versions and similar ones to be coming.

Get Tank Hero from Play Store

turbofly 3dTurboFly 3D

A race game, highly addictive. Perfect 3D graphics that harness the motion sensing abilities of your device. When you have yourself a hardware rich Android, this game you can find it pure addition. The game you can get as a free install demo and later when you see it addictive, upgrade for the full version.

Get TurboFly 3D from  Play Store
Dragon Fly

Dragon Fly I find similar to Rocket Bird for iPhone, a peaceful game with great background score and levels and difficulties just keep on increasing in an additive fashion. The ad version of the game is free.
temple runTemple Run

This one addictive was initially available for only iOS, but now that the success of the game with iOs users made the developers release the Android version. You got to save your life in the game, if not you shouldn’t have stole the idol from the temple of curse. Now no way out but you got to save your life from the ones that are coming after you to put your life in danger.

Test Temple Run from Play Store



moon chaserMoon Chaser

Here you are a a hill surfing ninja, you control yourselves with the motion sensor hardware as you slide and fly throughout the sky. You got to collect boost and coins to make your way to the next mountain, and that you have to do before moon gets eclipsed.

Get Moon Chaser from Play Store

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