Most Expensive Laptop Bags and AccessoriesAfter you have a custom configured laptop- high end features and powerful hardware installed in, the next one thing to look to is getting a laptop bag to match with your device. Sure this is what all does; no one really wants to leave the device naked or to have it pick any possible impacts on the go. Protection to your device and a tote for few accessories and gadgets you have got is the one reason to get a laptop bag. But not just protection and carry, when we look to all these, the style and looks does matter and the same reason only we would all get us something to match our attitude. Once a while we find things that awe us with the price they hold, here CoverBee did that. $11 million laptop bag featuring 8,800 individually selected and crafted diamonds might interest anyone who sees it and few may buy them as a collector’s piece. Lets look at few expensive laptop bags around apart from this big moolah bag from Coverbee.

Prada Ombre

Someone who hears the price this laptop bag carries to be around $ 1,150 could really justify on any thoughts happening when seeing the eye catchy design it holds. Prada put in the Ombre theme on to make many go for this one.

Salvatore Ferragamo

Sharp looks on your go with Salvatore Ferragamo, featuring black calf skin and silver tone hardware to match up and bring in stunning colour and look gradient to the main black colour it holds. Priced $1,500.

Calder Laptop Case

Not just for guitars and violins, but Calder perfection for your Laptops as well. Priced around $4,000, Calder laptop case features super tough carbon shell wrapped in calf skin and top grain leather put on high density foam. Got for you outstanding performance, durability and looks.

Louis Vuitton Taiga

Charming looks and perfect protection for your laptop from Louis Vuitton, high quality Taiga leather to centre beauty on it and the sliver hardware it holds refine the looks even more. Priced $ 2,260.

Yves Saint Laurent Laptop Bag

Made of patented leather and gold hardware to add beauty to the shiny black looks it got. The brass lock and key adds security, highly fashionable and solid protection for your device. Comes with double zipper closure and an adjustable shoulder strap, this one design is priced at $ 1.795.

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