Motorola  T325 helps you go hands free the moment you enter your car- a perfect portable Bluetooth Speakerphone. T325 features and an advanced design, includes an entry on and exit off feature that automatically syncs your Bluetooth enabled phone with the speakerphone just as you enter the car. Now this speakerphone is loaded with clever features, an automated phone book to announce the names of all in coming callers. Also the device comes with a one touch access to Bing 411- a service that gets you directions, weather updates, movie time and more.

Syncs Automatically with Your Mobile Device

The T325 is gets you complete hands-free freedom. Also it auto syncs with your Bluetooth phone, just the moment you enter your car. No need to push any buttons as everything is done automatic. Now this facility provides you full control over your vehicle, you don’t need to spend time syncing your device, just enter in your car and start enjoying the auto enabled features as you keep your attention where it needs to be on the road. Now turning off the speakerphone is never a thing you need to remember. The T325 auto turns itself off, saving the battery for yet another journey.


Call Options at the Touch of a Button

The T325 brings you several easy calling functions, including a call waiting facility and mute. The design features a large button, that lets you answer and place calls with ease, while a tri-color LED displays Bluetooth connectivity and helps out with the mute status. Apart from all these advantages, the controls provided are so user-friendly and you don’t need to compromise your safety while driving.

Convenient Contact Features

Just as you are getting a call, the T325 will audibly announce the name of the caller. Now the device is provided with a feature to pull the caller name directly from the phone book and is capable of recognizing up to 1500 entries. To add the convenience, the T325 will automatically compile a “Favorite Contacts” list. It intuitively updates and stores your most frequently used 25 phone numbers and brings you a one-touch dialing for these contacts.

Instant Access to Bing 411 Services

The T325 fetches you instant access to Bing 411. Bing 411 brings you a fast and easy way to stay connected and get information whenever you’re on the move. It is pre-programmed and falls as the first in the list of favorite contacts. So you can avail fast info on driving directions, weather, movies, sports, stock quotes and more.


Long-Lasting Charge and Universal Bluetooth Compatibility

The product is highly efficient and comes with a 17 hours uninterrupted talk time, once fully charged. If you put the speakerphone on stand by, it can last for up to 2-1/2 weeks. To add your convenience, a micro-USB charging port is provided on the side of the device and the speakerphone comes with a universal compatibility.  Can be synced with any Bluetooth-enabled phone within seconds.




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