It is estimated that every year around 40,000 people die due to health complications caused by overweight or obese. It’s very necessary to keep a control over your eating habits in today’s scenario. If you eat healthy only then you can live happily.

My Meal Mate is the latest app designed for weight management  by nutrition scientists at the University of Leeds, UK in association with the software company Blueberry Consultants. This application is also the first free weight loss app designed so far. With the help of this app you can regularly monitor your food intake and exercise routine. It will set a weight loss target for you and sent you weekly updates via a text message regarding your progress.

According to the findings made by Researchers at the University of Leeds, overweight participants dropped three times the weight of those who used a paper diary. It’s been found out through the study that over the period of 6 months those using the app lost on average 4.6kg, compared with the 2.9kg and 1.3kg lost by the paper-based and on-line diary users, respectively. The pilot trial consisted of 128 overweight volunteers, who were divided  into three groups with each group using a different monitoring method. Each and every individual were  monitored for their method, weight and body measurements. The results of the pilot trial have been published in the Journal of Internet Medical Research.

 My Meal Mate is the first free app of it’s kind to include a wide variety of UK-based food database. It will allow the users to track their eating habits easily with the products that they consume.

Professor Janet Cade from Leeds University’s School of Food Science and Nutrition says ‘Smartphone technology could be utilized to promote health. ‘Generally people don’t know how many calories they are eating daily. ‘My Meal Mate really helped people monitor their food intake and resulted in an important amount of weight loss.

My Meal Mate is the first health app to be hosted for download on the NHS Choices website. Researcher Michelle Carter says ‘Whilst we wouldn’t expect people to use My Meal Mate daily for the rest of their lives, it gives them the skills and education to monitor their diet themselves – to have a better understanding of portion sizes, nutritional content and the effect of exercise.’

You can easily download My Meal Mate app from NHS Choices website and  Google Play Store.

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