Nano Printers and the Technology Behind ItImagine you have the portrait of Mona Lisa printed, not just the normal printing as you do, but you have it printed in the size or on the width of a hair strand. Seems quite not happening, but you can get such prints with nano printers. A Singapore team of researchers developed out a printer that can make what we said happen, to print detailed color images on a width as tiny as 50 micrometers and that width would be the width of human hair!

Earlier when we started using the fine print for quality prints, now maybe it’s time we get that changed for normal printing with the advent of nano printers. Normal printers sure can’t match with the “fineness” nano printers got to offer. When the normal magazines and other print medias are done at 300 dots per each inch, the technology that nano printers hold let them make prints that are 100,000 dot per inch.

The above numbers better tells what the gap is like and how amazing the new nanoprint technology developed by Agency for Science, Technology, and Research (ASTAR) is. Now each dot nano printer prints is made out of 4 tiny pillars of nanoparticles. Each of these capped with gold and silver nanodisks and the change of distance between these dots creates variation for the way they reflect out light. This would cut the need to use colors as in case we do with traditional printers, but the change in distance between the dots would produce colors automatic.

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