Are you looking for expert advice about your queries? I would suggest LinkedIn answer section is the best place to ask expert advice. You know why?

LinkedIn the real social network

LinkedIn is the social that create real value for the time spend in using the social network. I can strongly suggest LinkedIn is the best social networking platform available, simply because the community in LinkedIn are mainly highly skilled professionals, entrepreneurs, successful personalities available across the globe.

As I mentioned above that community in LinkedIn are highly skilled professionals, this is the right place to ask your queries and get expert advice. The answer section that differentiate widely from yahoo answer because the question will be displayed only to relevant people thereby chance for getting right answer drastically increase. I will explain the steps to ask question in LinkedIn.

Step 1)

Click on the answer hyper link available on the top. Type your question and click next.

Step 2)

You can select the targeted audience and category to receive this question. This will be displayed to right people and get best answer.

If you are not a member of LinkedIn, don’t wait join now itself.

Click here to submit your review.

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Sanil S Founding member of MobMe Wireless Pvt Ltd, Ayruz Web Holdings

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  1. Charles Stuart on said:

    Hey check out it’s the best Business Social Network…

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