"Networked attached storage for your home  "Nowadays, people look out for permanent network attached storage devices for home based use and some of the NAS are really working great than expected. In today’s digital era and digital kind of living network attached storage is really becoming part of the living which holds the best way to share and backup the files to your home based network!

It is not any difficult to add one network attached storage at home except one condition that you need to have wired Gigabit Ethernet network running at your home!

So why you need to go for it and what are the benefits?

Most significant benefit is that it shares files like movies, music, photos, on the PCs and laptops at your home and if any system goes wrong, through NAS facility is becomes easy to access them.

It provides a single user interface data access.

With the help of NAS you could easily backup store really important stuffs like photos, videos, movies, music to a section called “accessible by all” which saves more power consumption as you don’t have to switch on all laps and PCs to those files.

A cheaper mode of storage device when compared to the single PC!

Getting NAS more advanced nowadays these come out with a self printer which helps out on-demand access to print out what you looking for

Getting into some of the advanced network attached storage devices for your home!

Synology DiskStation DS210j

Well, a truly advanced version of Network Attached Storage for your home with interesting specifications. With in-built unique features Synology has emerged popular in the specialization of NAS devices. Synology’s new DiskStation DS210j network is designed basically to use at home. The most advanced feature of this NAS is it got control software which enables more features in the device. You could easily install this network connection at home as the kit comes with a few screws, an installation CD and manual and an AC adapter. For more details on this device check here!

"Networked attached storage for your home  "

Seagate Dockstar

A Linux based cool Network Attached Storage for homes! Got Gigabit Ethernet, runs on 5 watts, with self built 4 USB 2.0 ports. Listing some of the main works Seagate Dockstar engages are share files, make enough backups for the important data, acts as lamp stack, serve media, mail server, etc. "Networked attached storage for your home  "

QNAP  TS-410 NAS Server

QNAP annouces its NAS server TS-410 which is designed with four SATA drive bays in which each one can store upto 2TB using 2.5″ / 3.5″ hardrives. The 800 MHz processor and 256 memory makes this a well suitable home based NAS. This device supports RAID 0,1,5 and hot-swappable drive replacement. The only drawback is its little costly. "Networked attached storage for your home  "

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