New Samsung Note Coming Out By August End - What to Expect The Galaxy series of devices is what that changed Samsungs mark in the mobile sector and with this one series only they could hit on hit high on their sales worldwide, and to get crowned the biggest mobile phone manufacturer. The Galaxy S2 was a massive success and the S3 is just following the trail of its predecessor. Now we have the new Samsung Note coming out by the end of August. Lets see what we could expect from this manufacturer who proved a success by nothing but its high end, user “philic” phones.

Now they have the successor to its Note, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is going to be out soon, we could expect to the last of August. The niche product Samsung Note, the “phablet” that falls between smartphone and a tablet, is a success already and the new one should feature more to it.

The new new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is slimmer than its first version and features an all new 5.5 inch display. That would be small bump to the old screen version featured in the first version of the product, the Note got a 5.3 inch Amoled display. But the screen resolution of Note 2 may be cut down a bit to its predecessor, and it would hold a resolution of 720p resolution (1,280 x 720 pixels) when the earlier one featured a 1,280 x 800.

Few of the report tell us that the device is going to be little more tall than the first release, but others have it figured as the new Note 2 would be smaller to the Note even that Note 2 features a bigger screen. We can expect the Note 2 to carry a feature punch that Samsung’s flagship Galaxy 3 got. That would mean we can expect something like a quad core processor as in case of Galaxy 3 and then more of RAM to make sure things do the way we expect and even more while playing HD games or hours of HD video and intensive multitasking becomes just an easy thing to do.

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