Very often you may get fed up with your tangled earphones when you need it immediately. There are times when you can’t attend a call when you are driving or you can’t take out your messed up earphones kept in your bag. Many times this  thought  would have come in your mind, if there is a  a product that can make my headphones tangle-free.

You can’t think of a perfect electronic world which is cordless, you are forced to depend on cords  as most of the device that you use are dependent on cords. However with the progress in Bluetooth technology,  wireless headphones have become popular within a short span of time. However  it’s quite expensive and there are still many people who plug on the cords to tune in to hear some great music.

iCoil, a circular plastic accessory developed by Colin Kent address this tangling issue in a great way. It is his first Kickstarter project and he got the  inspiration to develop such a product one day when he was driving his car.Though he got a call, he couldn’t pick it before it got activated to voice mail due to  his tangled cords. He began to sketch on his ideas and started to brainstorm. After many unsuccessful attempts and prototypes he arrived  at a simple product design that met all the functional needs up to his expectation.

iCoil winds your headphone cable two ways — allowing it to extend and retract according to your needs. You can pull out your headphones from your pocket or briefcase without any messed up cords. You can stick to the same headset that you are using as iCoil works well for all headsets. It will always stay attached to your headphones whether in use or in storage. If you are keeping iCoil, then your headphones may last longer.

After its launch on June 8, iCoil has raised around $11,000 from it’s supporters. The project is already fully funded and still has 24 days to go. With an $11 pledge on Kickstarter,you can owe iCoil.

Icoil is definitely a great option as you don’t have to invest in another product that comes with a earphone. That same ear phone which you use now can be made  more manageable. The iCoil even comes with a clip that you can attach to your clothes, so that the plugs are in place. They are available in around four different colors now. So get this cool accessory as soon as possible!

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