There is just a month left for the release of Nokia Catwalk which you have been long waiting for after the successful release of Nokia Lumia 920 last year. It is expected that Catwalk will be much more thinner and lighter than 920.  There is a rumor that Nokia Catwalk will be launched on May 15th.

The main source of this rumor is Flavio, an Italian blogger who has previously revealed details for smartphones ahead of their launches. He has recently tweeted about the release of Nokia Catwalk. According to him, this model will come with modified specifications like a 1.5 GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chipset, 1 GB of RAM, an 8.7-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization, a 4.5-inch octaOLED 1280 x 768 display (octa referring to On Cell Touch display technology), 16 GB of on-board storage and a 2000 mAh (7.6 Wh) battery.

The event will be  be taking place in London and the phones will be available in the market by late June or early July. It’s been said that it will be  possibly using aluminium instead of the polycarbonate material that is used presently.

It is expected to  weigh around 185g and comes with a thickness of  10.7mm.

However inorder to claim the authenticity of the news, no official statement has been made by Nokia.

Nokia is also slowly releasing  two other devices like the Lumia 928 and the flagship “EOS” that will bring a high-megapixel PureView camera to Windows Phone for the first time.

It’s been said that Nokia will reveal both the “Catwalk” and “EOS” devices at the same time, with the Catwalk releasing at  a price  range below the EOS.

However you have to wait for few more days to hear something official from Nokia itself.

All the gadget freaks will definitely fell in love with this device soon to be released as it has many attractive specs for a flagship phone especially all the best ones that a Windows Phone can offer.

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