The Manifold Clock is a designer clock designed out of the box. This wall mounted clock tells time in 3D, that’s the best part about it. It will showcase time’s linear and cyclic qualities. If you’re looking for a change from those boring, traditional clocks in your home or office then manifold clock is the perfect choice for you. It will definitely seek the attention of your guests entering your premises. The price of this clock is just $59.

This clock derived it’s concept from Riemann surface study. It tells time just like a normal clock but it does that in a more colorful and lively way. It also occupies a little more space in the third dimension. The clock’s hands are connected with a manifold to create 3D movement. This clock is designed by Shay Carmon and Ben Klinger from Studio Ve and doesn’t require special glasses. It gives results like that of a beautiful kinetic wall sculpture.

If you are mathematician then it’s the perfect clock for your desk.  You can even keep this clock in your kid’s room they will love it for sure. Manifold clock has the same principle that resembles a spiral stair case. It’s like watching someone climb spiral stairs – if you look from above you see him going in circles, but if you look from the side you see him moving in a forward direction.The Manifold Clock doesn’t tell time with flat hands, it expresses it with ever-changing shapes created by a flexible sheet of Tyvek attached between the hands. Every minute on this clock will look entirely different.

The Manifold Clock can be bought from TinyLightbulbs which is a marketplace for crowd funded and independently funded products from startups and innovative individuals. It actively participates in the crowd funding process by using a portion of its monthly revenue to back projects on sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, RocketHub, and Fundable.

This is a battery-operated clock which is very easy to read, with extra-long hour and minute hands that sweep around its face. The clock is named after a manifold which is a mathematical term for a curved surface. The manifold is a specially formed piece of rip-resistant, colorfast, semi-gloss polyethylene, printed on opposite sides with contrasting shades of color. When every minute passes, the manifold shifts through abstract forms that seem to illustrate the shape of time itself. The materials used for making this clock are metal, nickel, tyvek and ABS Thermoplastic.

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