Grabyo, the web app in collaboration with broadcaster Sky has launched a video sharing service yesterday. This is a service, first of its kind which allows you to share clips from your favorite T.V shows when you are watching them in real time. The London based startup launched this second-screen offering yesterday. It allows the legal sharing of ad-supported clips on Facebook and Twitter. Grabyo’s Twitter integration allows to see all these clips posted as Twitter cards.

This  service syncs up with the T.V show.  When a viewer wants to clip a segment of the show during broadcast, they can do it by just pressing a button operation and they will be able to  grab the last 20 seconds of the content.

Right now, the site is in a ‘try it and see’ phase and unfortunately the only show available for sharing is Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model. This show airs on the Sky Living channel. Grabyo says that it even launch this service with another major UK broadcaster very soon. Apart from that they are also taking part in active discussions with numerous international broadcasters. It will soon widen the library of shows available to grab.

The main business idea behind this app is to offer content providers ways to make more income from their shows than traditional marketing strategies. Grabyo will ads to the clips which means more money for the show’s producer.This app will also help the content providers to create a social buzz about their shows. That’s why more broadcasting companies are showing interest in this service.

The company’s CEO Will Neale says,  ”Broadcasters are, and quite understandably, protective over their content.  That said, we’ve had an extremely positive response from broadcasters as we enable them to retain ownership of their content and control the experience, whilst driving social engagement and generating incremental ad revenues,”

You cannot see any video filters or ‘remix’ options in this app, however you can add comments and hashtags along with the shared clips. The justification which the company says for not giving video filter options is that it shares only professional TV content. In other words, if the users are provided with an editing option then there is a greater chance for the videos to look amateur.

Right now, Grabyo is self-funded and  its technology has been developed by the same team who were behind live interactive TV platform ShowCaster that was launched in 2011. The real-time TV clip-sharing platform will soon revolutionize the broadcasting scenario.

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