World No Tobacco Day is observed every year on May 31 and is promoted by World  Health Organization (WHO). The main objective of observing this day is to reduce tobacco consumption that can lead to fatal diseases like cancer and tuberculosis. Individuals, non-profit organisations and public health organisations work hard to make this day a great success by giving awareness about the ill effects of smoking and help  people to refrain from tobacco consumption.

Technology is also playing it’s part to help people to get rid of this habit. You can find many electronic cigarettes in the market that helps you to reduce the severe side effects of smoking.

Apart from that, there are also many cool apps that helps you to quit smoking. These apps help you to track the time and money that you save when you stay away from cigarettes. These apps need someone with a very strong will power and the drive to really quit which is very hard to obtain when you are addicted. Here are some apps designed specially for quitting smoking given below:

  • Stop Smoking

This is a free android application that guides you when you really wish to quit smoking. By making use of this app you can track the following facts:

    • How many cigarettes didn’t you smoke since you stopped?
    • How much money have you saved since you stopped?

Using Stop Smoking app, you will slowly discover how quitting this habit has made you more healthier than how you used to be before.

  •  QuitNow

This is an app that helps you to track your smoking habit. It clearly shows how much time in days, hours, minutes that you have saved when you quit smoking. The number of cigarettes that you have saved will also be shown. To download this app, click here.

  • Get Rich Or Die Smoking

When you smoke you are wasting your money by compromising on your health. Get Rich or die smoking is an app that helps you to track how much money you have saved on cigarettes when you refrain from the habit. It also shows  what you can do with the money that you have saved. Download this cool app here

  • Green Quit Smoking

This android app is designed based on the latest smoking cessation research by psychology experts helps you by giving a fresh approach to  quit your smoking addiction.  There are “record addiction” and “restraint addiction” two stages in this app. Record stage is that you smoke as usual and record the smoking habits; the restraint smoking stage is that you only smoke when the app remind you too. This method is great for  smokers who can’t give up smoking so easily. Download this app here.

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