OLED HD TV A Technology ReviewOrganic Light Emitting Diode High Definition TVs is now trending at markets. You can’t maybe say that it got a single manufacturer as Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic are all coming now with OLED HD TVs to meet up with the customers desire. One company competes with the other with their OLED HD technology! It can be little difficult to judge which has got the better OLED TV!

Will get into the technology reviews of OLED TVs.

OLED TVs are claimed to the most thinner, high performance, lighter TVs ever launched at markets which could easily turn off the pixels which does not need light a technology not seen in any other kind of TVs.

OLED HD TV A Technology ReviewThe latest new generation technology of Plasma or LCD TV is been incorporated into these OLED TVs. OLED TV works by putting electricity through specific material which makes red, green and blue colors to glow. Only these color lights are used by OLED TVs. Only OLED TV works by this technology when compared to LCD and Plasma which uses color filters and UV light to function.

LED or LCD TVs are not as energy efficient when compared to this advanced technology OLED TVs. OLED uses specific materials that contain carbon which gets illuminated when powered by electricity.

As we already discussed that OLED uses red, green and blue light there are actually two ranges of OLED at market. The RGB OLED and White OLED. Like plasma TVs RBG OLED TVs work with only difference of red, green and blue subpixels to work whereas the technology behind White OLED is little confusing, a sandwich technology! Red, green and blue colored materials are sandwiched to produce a white light when powered! This produced white light pass through a color filter to generate red, green and blue subpixels.

OLED HD TV A Technology ReviewMaybe this White OLED TV looks little weird when compared with RGB OLED. But it is claimed that White OLED is long lasting and negligible chances of color shifts when compared to the standard one.

Another major benefit of this high performance OLED TV is its affordable and pocket friendly TV when compared with LCD or plasma TVs. White OLED version is much cheaper when compared with RGB and also it is much easier to create different screen sizes of OLEDs with this technology, and easily kick off those 4K TVs!

Hope you all know the AMOLED technology behind those small screen smartphones, OLED is just another name for working on big screen with more attention given to each pixels for better motions especially video streaming. Even OLED screen Smartphones are now available. So soon these Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode will be the future TVs.

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It is hard to sit without being tickled with this new generation energy efficient OLED HD TVs!


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