I am going to explain and easy method to develop online forms using spreadsheets. Open your google docs and open a new spreadsheet. Fill in the header for the spreadsheet. Click on the Form menu available with the spreadsheet.

This will pop up a web page which contain the fields as per header in the spreadsheet. You can embed this form in web pages. When ever user fill in the form the data will be updated in the spreadsheet.

You can edit / delete the form fields. Moreover the form will be hosted in google’s space. So you don’t need to worry about the server and all. Embedding forms into different page are also possible, click on the more action menu.

No need to code, maintain the application ultimate solution from google for online forms.

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2 comments on “Online Forms Using Spreadsheets

  1. TheAnand on said:

    Can this be used in a site where I plan to collect registration for an event?

  2. iamatechie on said:

    Yeah, We can use embedding feature available in the online forms to achieve your functionality.

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