I was using to-do list until yesterday to maintain the list of pending works. But couple of months back one of my friend introduced me an online mindmap called mindmeister. He told me to start your online account and create your mindmap there. But I took around 5 months to create an account may be I am lazy 🙂 . But today I created account at mindmeister.

The mindmap is something similar to this.

What can I say the application is extremely cool. I used to maintain different list in my to-do list previously. But the main advantage using mindmap is we can visualize our entire pending works in a single diagram. Besides maintaining pending jobs we can also use mindmap for lot of purpose. For instance we can use mindmaps to explain concepts, explain  complex architectures, products architectures etc.

The online application mindmeister support 3 kind of editions which are classified according to the price and its features.

1) Basic free (free)

2) Premium ($4/month)

3) Team ($3/month)

This application does support all kind of web 2.0 feature. We can share, collaborate, easy AJAX interactions etc. The application does support export and import of your mindmaps. Premium and team edition support SSL so it can be used by corporates for creating product notes, product concepts etc. Another attractive feature the application is google gear enabled. So we can edit mindmaps offline. 

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2 comments on “Getting things done through mindmaps.

  1. Chuck Frey on said:

    Here’s another cool piece of functionality: You can send topics to your default MindMeister map via e-mail! This capability is described more fully in a recent post on my Mind Mapping Software Blog.

  2. TheAnand on said:

    I think they have facilities to add thru browser and thru sms also!!!

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