Today orkut released their open social applications to public. Yes google came with open social concept couple of months back. Now anyone can develop their own application and install it in the orkut. The applications will be visible to profiles. Those who like the application, they can add it in their profile. Slew of applications are available in orkut. There will be a surge growth in applications in orkut soon.

Have you ever thought why social networking applications like orkut, facebook releasing this application ?

The answer is simple people are looking for changes, they are really bored with the current activities.

Anyways the open social is cool stuff. The main market is online gaming industry. Since orkut have a big user base, the visibility of applications installed in the orkut has wide scope.

This bring news business ground in orkut using open social applications. Its the right time to develop your application’s open social version, thereby increase your business.

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Sanil S Founding member of MobMe Wireless Pvt Ltd, Ayruz Web Holdings

3 comments on “Open social :- A new face to social networking applications

  1. This is really great. But wait, one has to know creating web based application, that too depend on Windows based and others. Is there anything that make sense to my points??

  2. Sanil on said:

    @SAF: There is no sense for the application, whether its windows based server is linux based. Cos the application deployed in our server not in orkut server.

  3. You mean, its like orkut is letting us use their space. Right? So our server should run in parallel??

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