Semantic Scuttle is an open source social bookmarking tool which is an enhanced version of Scuttle. The application is developed in PHP with database support to mysql, postgre, oracle and sqlite. The installation is very simple.


  1. Download Semantic Scuttle form, at the moment the latest version is 0.89
  2. Extract the Zip-File and upload the files to your web-server
  3. Import the file “tables.sql” to your database. With phpMyAdmin this is quite simpel.
  4. Rename the file “” to “” and open it with your favorite editor.  This file contains all basic information about your system

Settings in “”

Basic Settings

$sitename = ‘SemanticScuttle’;

Name of your site, will appear in the header.

$welcomeMessage = ‘Welcome to SemanticScuttle! More than a social
bookmarking tool.’;

Welcome-message, will displayed above your bookmarks.

$root = NULL;

Leave here “NULL” if your installation is not placed in a sub folder, otherwise you should write here the url to your installation e.g. “www.yoursite.xx/subfolder/”.

$locale = ‘en_GB’;

Here you can set the language of your installation.

$usecache = false;

The cache-system, for now we leave “false”.

$dir_cache = dirname(__FILE__) .’/cache/’;

Path to cache, leave the preset value.

$cleanurls = false;

This is for setting “nice urls”, for now leave it with the default “false”.


$dbtype = ‘mysql4’;

Choose the type of your database, leave mysql4 for MySQL.

$dbhost = ‘’;
$dbport = ‘3306’;

For over 99% of all installations the default settings are good.

$dbuser = ‘username’;
$dbpass = ‘password’;

Place here the username and password for your database.

$dbname = ‘scuttle’;

The name of your database.

$tableprefix = ‘sc_’;

Prefix of the tables in your database. If you imported the file “tables.sql” than leave the default.


$adminemail = ‘’;

This emails-address is used if a users has lost his password and is requesting a new one.

$admin_users = array(‘admin’);

Until now there is no user but here you should already put in your login-name. If there are more than one admin use:

array(’name1′, ‘name2′, ‘name3′);

$reservedusers = array(‘all’, ‘watchlist’);

Which words can not be used for usernames.


For registration there is a simple antispam-question.

$antispamQuestion = ‘name of this application (no Caps)’;

The question, e.g. =’What is 2 plus 3′;

$antispamAnswer = ‘semanticscuttle’;

The answer, e.g =’5′;

Remaining files are not important to us for the time being.

  1. Save the file “” and upload it to your webserver.
  2. Browse to your installation. If everything is OK you will see:

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