Outlook.com Email is Here - 5 Features That Would Make You Wanna SwitchMicrosoft is finding it real hard to compete with Google for quite some time. Google products stay ahead of Microsoft, starting from the search to the range of small to big products Google offers. Google’s free products as Documents are a direct threat to Microsoft’s paid version of the same, the Microsoft Office. Documents offer similar support as Office, but the direct online integration makes it more convenient. Even Chrome recently ousted Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, the one that is been there as a part of Windows from 1995. Now that the gmail is another threat to Microsoft’s Hotmail and they don’t want to see the same happening with their email service just the way it happened to their browser. The first revamp they did on hotmail was a live mail integration but that dint work good as they expected it to be and now they have the outlook.com integration. Here are five reasons you would want to make a switch to Outlook.com email.

New Interface

This time we can expect miracles happen with the outlook.com, it really is cool compared to its predecessors. Microsoft brought in a look that will match with its new Windows 8 and that would make this new mailbox a metro styled one. The new looks would be the first thing you would want yourself to make a switch to the new outlook.com. A clear UI and you can find it to match your style.

Social Integration

With no integration to the social world, email becomes just a mailbox and Microsoft this time has considered this part and did the necessary. They have made available some great new features with social sites as Facebook, Twitter, Skype.


The new outlook mailbox got for you advanced interoperability, and you can have an ease in working with this mail account as it offers features that would help you manage emails, contact list, calendar etc on your mobile devices or your windows phone.

Easy Migration

Now that we all have our own email accounts, most of them maybe years old, we may think it not practical to switch to something new just like that and lose the contacts, emails and address books. Then say to all contacts to stop sending email to the old account and use the new account instead. But is is possible to make a migration to outlook.com with no frills.

User Name Choices

The new mailbox address looks like someone@outlook.com and since it’s a new mailbox, you can have a lot new name choices, when you are sure to create on for you at the first time. So if you are looking to get a change to your mailbox, have no second thoughts and register today and grab your name of choice before anyone else does.

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