Many of you might this is a simple topic. Yes it is a simple topic, but still there are many who are unaware of the world of file sharing. The inspiration to write this post is a junior of mine. She wanted some files and I said they are in the torrent network. But She didn’t know what torrents were and had no idea how to download files using the torrent network.

I decided to teach her and it took me 2 hours of gmail chat. The topics for this post series is based on the questions she had about the whole concept of torrent based file sharing. We will discuss the following areas in the post series.

Torrents and File Sharing – Introduction
The Client – Flashget
The Process has got 2 steps
What is a tracker
Some other clients
Torrent Indexing sites
Remote Control your download

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3 comments on “P2P file sharing and Torrents – Post Series

  1. I was expecting some alternative for torrent since i dont have access here.

  2. Steve Allan on said:

    P2P applications are mainly used for file sharing and for downloading files like videos, games, softwares, mp3 musics, photos etc.This information would be useful for the people who doesn’t know anything on torrents and P2P file sharing. My favorite applications are FastestP2P and Limewire. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Recently I came across a torrent search engine – which claim that has access to more than 5 million torrents . My question is – what do we need trackers for than???

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