When you want to run Windows based applications or programs on your Mac, the easiest solution is to dual boot your Mac by making use of the Apple’s boot camp option. But, if you are looking for an everyday purpose, the installation of an OS X virtualisation host like Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion is ideal. As it helps you to run multiple Operating Systems concurrently. Now, both these programs brings you the facility to hide the Windows desktop and run Mac and Windows applications side by side.

The Parallels Desktop, the good rival to VM Ware(both provides similar OS X virtualisation support), came up with Parallels Desktop 6, providing new and advanced features, outclassing VMware. The big one feature on this new release is a mobile application for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, which allows one to connect to virtual machines over the Internet. As a part of our test, we ran it for iPad, and found to have no problem accessing our Windows installation through a firewall. And as we got the hang of touch controls, the Operating System was responsive and usable. With this, you can even remotely turn on virtual machines via the mobile app, as long as the host Mac is turned on.

Apart from these, the new launch brings you some additional features. Gets you Spotlight support for Windows files and a perfect 5.1 surround sound for one to watch movies or play games on a virtual PC with a DirectX 9 support. The OS X parental controls are applied automatic to Windows all applications, also the keyboard shortcuts can be synchronized between Operating Systems. This helps reduce confusion, every time you switch between platforms. Now the real selling point for Parallels Desktop version 6, though, is speed. Performance has always been an issue with virtualisation. Thanks to the overheads of running two Operating Systems concurrent. But this case, Parallels claims version 6 to provide the smoothest Windows-on-OS X experience available.

Now to put the whole thing to a test, we took a mid-range hardware. 20in iMac packed with a 2GB RAM running on a Core 2 Duo T7300 processor with Windows 7 natively in Boot Camp. This hardware attained an overall score of 0.93 in our benchmarks. Also we are happy telling that, Parallels version 6 was able to load Windows from our existing Boot Camp partition easily. Although you can also install to a virtual disk file. When you are making a switch from a PC, you can even use the supplied Windows tool to dump the OS and applications to a virtual disk file in just few clicks to migrate them painlessly to Parallels. We also tried a fairly clean Windows 7 installation occupying 30GB on disk, and found it take about an hour.




You can download the Parallels 6 directly from the Parallels website. Additionally, you have a free download of trial version, that gets you 14 days to try on the product. After that you can purchase the full product to get the Serial keys. Enter in the serial key of your Parallels 6 to activate the product as full version. You may also make use of third party download websites, to download the product.

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