Pebble Pro Portable Battery Pack Reviews Running out of battery is one problem we all face most of the times with our devices and gadgets. Even that it is a decent battery we have with our device, high end games and other performance enabled requirements would drain the battery very much. Though it is possible to carry with us the charger while on the move, but it’s not always easy that we have a power point ready to plug in. When we have the device run out of charge, it can be frustrating and even more at times. Now here is an easy go to find a fix to this. Pebble pro portable battery pack is one thing you can get to handle any charge related concerns.

Extremely portable, the new Pebble pro battery pack is the big brother to big success Pebble XT. Next time you are on the move and you can’t find a power point to plug in your device, with the Pebble pro, you have the charging needs figured out. The massive 13200Mah pool is where you derive additional power. Now that would mean any your laptop, tablet or netbook is power boosted to a minimum of 2-5 hours. If that is your iPhone, you can let the pebble pro battery pack charge it over 10 times.

Pebble pro battery pack is compatible with a range of products, comes with 10 connectors for most popular netbooks and laptops plus a 5 portable device connectors including iPhone, Blackberry and other smartphones. Not just a power supply device, but the Pebble pro is intelligent. Features as auto shut off makes sure that your device is protected, no short circuit, over-current, , over-charging or over-discharging issues. The dual port charging facility it holds got for you charging your phone and laptop at the same time. The product is universal, comes with multi region main power adaptor, whatever part of the world you are in the multi region support it provides lets you enjoy the facilities it brings.

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