There are several iPhone, Android, and Blackberry phone apps that can help you manage a cash crisi – unless, of course, you are so deep in debt that you had to sell your iPhone. If you have gotten yourself to the point of a debt crisis, however, there are probably some important lessons that you have learned. One of them surely is that when managing your debt, you have to know exactly how much you are spending and what you are spending it on.


Tracking bills

One app that can help you do this – manage a cash crisis by tracking bills – is Bill Tracker. It costs just $1.99. You input your bills into the app, the amounts you owe and when each amount is due. This information is synchronized with the app’s calendar and you will be told which bills are approaching the deadline every time you sign in. This way, you will never have to pay overdue fees again.


Knowing where the money went

Most of us have been in the position to ask where our money went. This is where the Envelopes app ($0.99) comes in. You put your expenses in different envelopes and see how it adds up. The results may shock you!


Creating a monthly budget

Another useful app to have is Pennies. It costs $2.99 and helps you create a monthly budget and track your spending. This app can be used at any given point in time during the day, even when you are waiting in line somewhere wondering how to pass the time. The app also helps you track your spending by making it possible to attach notes to each item you bought.


Finding free coupons

There are free coupon apps for iPhone users. Two popular ones are Groupon and Living Social. These apps feature discounted products and services which you can forward to other people. When you refer a given offer to a friend, you get some kind of a reward from the app and save even more money. Another convenience is that these coupons are electronic – no printer is necessary, just an iPhone when you go shopping.


Services for Android users

Rest assured that not all money-saving apps are for iPhone platforms. There are many great services for Android users as well. One popular such app is Loot. Loot offers an electronic checkbook, so you do not have to use paper ever again. What is more, there is no direct connection between the app and your bank account, so there are no risks to worry about. The app is very convenient to use, helping you keep track of where money goes (which is why you face a cash crisis to begin with). The app is also very simple to proceed with this app. You can record transactions the second they take place. You never have to wait for checks to reach your account again. There is also a premium version of this app, but that is not free anymore. This app is called DroidSense. This is useful for people who have Google Adsense accounts – namely people who make money online. With DroidSense you can access the Adsense account easily.

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