Gmail web chat is the coolest chatting application I have ever seen. But I had some bad experience while using google web chat. The google web chat shows that status of the online user by displaying the name. In my messenger list I had more than one person with same name. Since it shows name in the chat list I misunderstood some person and talked about the other person.

But gmail recently released a feature called “Pictures in gmail chat”. This feature solves my problem. If this feature is enabled, along with name picture also get displayed in the conversation.

How to enable picture in gmail chat?

As I mentioned that it is enabled as Lab feature. Click on the Setting link on the top right corner of your mailbox. On the setting window click on the Lab tab. On the Lab tab select the Enable radio button labeled Pictures in chat and save the setting.

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  1. I think this feature was there already. It was the default setting or it might have come along as default after an update.

  2. hello

  3. Boody Shaker on said:

    wat the heck we mean like 🙂 and 🙁 and stuff man

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